Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Noise Land Cruiser 200. Cars Japanese brands are not known for good sound insulation, and the thousands in support of "Japanese women", which we do every day has been for many years, since the distant 2007. No exception and the group flagship Toyota Land Cruiser 200 cars and Sequoia. Another general SUV, Land Cruiser 200, written to us for a full sound insulation of interior and we are preparing for the full photo report on the car. Work will be as usual - in the presence of the owner of the car. Our team consists of professionals and a vast number are all ready to take up their jobs in clean gloves and clean with special tools. All the material we have pre-sliced ​​and warmed up in a special oven for even their own templates for 1 hour before the arrival of the car on the record, so we do not spend time on each sheet of heat and deal exclusively with operational efficiency. Working in clean gloves, we guarantee the cleanliness of the cabin after work, and the experience of our craftsmen hundreds of car LC-200 and the owner can be assured of a factory build quality interior of our guys. See how we do it!

Noise hood Land Cruiser 200. While other dismantled facilities, one master noise insulating hood. After removing the standard thermal protection degreasing and dry the hood. Now you are ready to apply vibrlizolyatsii Comfort mat Gold G3 between the fins on the bonnet metal itself. Noise-insulator splenitis applied to the inner part of the standard insulation.

Noise roof Land Cruiser 200. The ceiling parses an experienced specialist in clean gloves and removed from the interior paneling. First we need to work on vibration isolation metal roof. But before that, we dry and degreased mteall.

Metal roofs are processing a thick and effective vibration isolators Comfortmat Dark D3, prikatyvaya its metal to metal roller. Due to its modern composition this material is not only effective but also easy.

Then the effective noise-absorbing ceiling is treated with felt 10 mm thick. This material will be safely absorb the unwanted sound waves, drifting from the roof of the car. This is one of the best sound absorbers among all existing materials. It is worth noting that the majority of firms are limited splenitis noise insulation, which at times felt less effective. We try to use the most effective soundproofing materials and offer only the cars to the maximum. Assembling the ceiling is carried out in reverse order. You should not worry about the quality of the assembly. We have known all the secrets of proper disassembly and assembly of Land Cruiser 200, because they have passed through our hands a huge amount.

Noise door Land Cruiser 200. Door Panel charged, metal and grease dried out and we're ready for vibration isolation door.

Is applied to the outer wall of the door easy and effective vibrodempfer Dark D3 of the Comfort mat, rolling its rollers firmly on metal. We rpaspolagaem all special tool for stitching the material even in the most remote places.

Then we use noise-insulator Comfort mat Start Fi, covered with foil. Foil material protects from moisture, and as the adhesive layer of this material - finest vibration isolation. Firstly because the material is ideally rests on a vertical surface, and secondly the lack of adhesive allows you not to worry, that it will decompose by periodically high humidity.

Antivibration inner frame door the same damper Comfortmat Dark D3. At this stage, we solve another problem - to create a closed volume and favorable conditions in the door for regular acoustics - now it sounds even better.

The last layer in the door - a modern sound absorber Comfort mat Lock (Bibiton). It is much more efficient splenitis that uses most of the offices on noise insulation. Door trim installed on svooi space is tight, which prevents them bounce.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches Land Cruiser 200. chairs removed, the tunnel left his seat, trim and carpet removed from the passenger compartment and ahead of us the bare floor, which in an hour will take place global change. We bring everything from the interior, which can interfere with quality work.

Noise bottom of the car - is the most effective stage of the work. By doing this efficiently, we will make the lion's share effect. Before pasting, any metal surface must be degreased. For this we use industrial alcohol.

We antivibration floor of the car from the front legs to the trunk lid (trunk lid antivibration too). On the floor of the car and wheel arches have put one of the most modern, efficient and thick materials. This Comfort mat Dark Bomb, which has a thickness of 4 mm, and some of the best characteristics of vibration absorption. This material have been languishing in a special oven throughout the work and has a temperature of 50 degrees.

All anti-vibration material is rolled special metal rollers to such a state, until the material becomes one with the whole body. We climb towards high engine shield at the feet of the front passengers as possible. We would like to note that for an additional fee, we can remove the dash and soundproof it and the engine shield.

Well coordinated work of a large number of craftsmen leads to the fact that within an hour the floor is covered with quality prikatanny vibration isolation. Wheel arches Land Cruiser 200 antivibration from both sides as a powerful "Bomb" ohms (from the interior and from the side of the wing), rear wings, too massive and processed vibration isolation.

We are only a few years ago, completely abandoned the ineffective splenitis soundproofing in the floor and use modern material Lock (or Bibiton), which was born as a result of our close cooperation with the plant noise insulation materials Comfort mat. We are not only efficient, using modern materials, but also beautiful. Take a look for yourself!

We cover the maximum floor area Comfort mat Lock. This material will be a reliable barrier to noise, attacking cabin from the road. We reach into the most difficult corners of the legs of the front passengers, because here are the front wheel arches and the engine shield.

We clearly follow his principles of maximum noise isolation cabin and do not offer the customer the economy and standard options. On the horizontal sections of the floor (where it does not interfere with the assembly) we add another noise absorber felt through 10mm thick. Note that on the back side of the carpet is a Toyota factory staff felt, albeit in small quantities and symbolically.

The rear wings and the inside of the arches further "strengthen" silencer based on the felt. Very good and effective protection.

Assembling the interior is in full swing in front of the astonished owner of the car.

On the day we were doing sound insulation of three Land Cruiser 200 and this happens we quite often. We are recommended by friends, and our capacity to easily allow you to do several cars.

We made noise isolation Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in front of the owner in about 9 hours. The vehicle weight by about 60 kg of noise insulation, which will work tirelessly to protect the occupants from outside noise. We did that so lacked the legendary "Kruzak" and now this car will please the host for many years an increased level of comfort that can compete even with the Lexus LX-570. Operating a large team, we have a personal responsibility for each site, and guys do not interfere with each other, each is engaged in the portion of the vehicle. It is an amazing sight, you can see only here, spending time beside the masters or in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. Tempting, is not it?