Toyota Highlander

Noise Toyota Highlander III. The third generation of the seven-seater crossover from Toyota looks more aggressive and trim materials even better. Consistently bad against this background noise isolation cabin frustrating owners who spent a crossover on the road a lot of money. Fortunately, this situation is reparable and now a brand-new Highlander in our hands for a complete soundproofing of the cabin. Our team is ready to advance to the arrival of the car, which means that all tools clean and sound insulation materials and pre-sliced ​​warmed up in our special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees, so that nothing distracts from the skilled craftsmen work.

Noise Hood Highlander 3 is made with two layers of material. It vibrodempfer SGM M2, applied to the metal hood and calling dampen fluctuations in metal under load, as well as a layer of insulator splenitis, which is applied to the back side of standard insulation.

Noise roof Highlander 3. Accurate analysis of headlining and roof pillars reveals a familiar pattern for most modern "Japanese" - not just a complete lack of sound insulation, vibration isolation and even on the roof. To say the owl, German cars have gone in this regard is already very far. Degreasing and dry the metal roof before starting work.

Vibrodempfer SGM M2 from the company SGM Vibro takes its place on the metal roof. Master carefully packs the material metal roller for maximum adhesion to the metal pastes. At this stage, a huge roof surface stops, due to the high mechanical losses in Time for details vibrodempfere.

As the sound insulation we use a thick layer of acoustical felt, which is one of the best sound absorbers. By the way, most of the studios installation using splenitis significantly lost in the sound absorption efficiency compared to the reduced contact technology.

Noise insulation doors Highlander 3. While one master is engaged in the hood and the other the ceiling, a few artists take on the car door. The point is simple - to get to the outer metal door. We have not only skilled craftsmen whose experience of sound insulation in the thousands of cars, but also all necessary for this tool that allows us to leave no trace after their work.

SGM isolator M2 is applied to the outer wall of the first layer and the door carefully press roller. Our masters have rollers on the CBE event of life - in this case, hard to reach places.

The next layer in the door - shumoizolyator splenitis based on mastic. The beauty of this material is that it does not contain an adhesive layer (adhesive decomposed to the abundance of moisture at the door).

The door frame is also in need of vibration isolation, which we do. At this stage, for the staff to create a closed volume of the speaker that good effect on improving the quality of the bass sound.

Ends soundproofing doors Bibiton modern material that belongs to a class of sound absorbers. To him we shall return shortly.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches Highlander 3. By the time the insulation hood, doors and ceiling are finished already passed approximately 2.5 hours. And teperv smiling team moves on to the main part of the work - sound insulation of the floor.

Since the floor vibration isolation, we have long been heated to temperatures of 50 degrees and is languishing in the oven, our masters do not spend time on the lingering heat of each sheet. Moreover, there is something warm! On the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches, we use very thick, heavy and efficient vibration isolator SGM BMF (analogue STP Bimast Bombs).

On the floor of the trunk using a thinner material, since the restrictions imposed tight skin of the trunk.

The thickness of the floor vibration isolation is an impressive 4 millimeters and is one of the most effective materials of this class. Our approach involves only a maximum and no compromise.

The turn of sound insulation and again we use modern Bibiton, which is an excellent absorber of sound and superior splenitis (which is so keen on competing office) on the effectiveness of more than 2 times.

Bibiton - a material of a new generation, which has a high-quality German adhesive layer reinforced by 3M, is not amenable to the influence of moisture.

Where possible, we add a third layer even thicker. It's the same sound-absorbing felt, 10 mm thick.

But that's not all. On the floor of the third-generation Highlander has a layer of factory shumopoglotitleya that we set in place. All of the cutting designed in such a way as to increase the thickness of the floor was noticeable in terms of the build quality of the cabin.

Tailgate anti-vibration, and its noise insulating lining layer of felt.

Building interior in full swing, and the experience of our craftsmen can guarantee you that everything will be done according to factory standards. Our masters will not leave behind the hooks, patches, as well as broken caps. In all of this you can be sure personally present at soundproofing svego car.

For an additional fee we can produce noise insulation engine torpedo and shield Highlander. This work is accompanied by a complete dismantling of the dashboard, the processing of all parts and joints antiskripom, as well as the processing sections of engine shield vibration isolators and sound absorber.

In soundproofing Toyota Highlander our great team spent 7 hours. All this time the owner was with us, and personally watched the 60 kilograms of quality vibration and noise isolation have taken their place in the interior paneling. Now this car is on the right will be considered as flagship SUV Toyota, since the quality of acoustic comfort, thanks to the master Todayter reached the maximum possible values for this vehicle.