What is Car Soundproofing?

Car Soundproofing - process for reducing the degree of penetration of outside noise into the passenger compartment and reducing the level of noise of various origins.

About Soundproofing

Noise in modern cars, especially small and middle-class, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. Wind noise, the hum of tires - all this is a source of fatigue and discomfort for the driver and passengers, especially on long journeys. Besides driving a car (even on a flat surface) is associated with high vibrations that are transmitted into the cabin, creating background noise, and gradually shaking minor interior trim elements, which are beginning to creak, further annoying the driver. Only the quality and performance of professional car soundproofing completely remove these problems. To improve the effect produced by sound insulation can also contribute to armoring car windows.

Check this video how the properly done noise insulation can benefit your vehicle at highway speeds:

Our Soundproofing Process

We completely disassemble interior and trunk of the car, remove the plastic trim, seats, carpets, disassemble the door. This process can take between 2 and up to 4 hours depending on the car model. Then, the surface of the interior thoroughly cleaned and degreased, we sizing and laminating antivibration, noise absorbing and noise insulating layers of the floor interior, trunk, engine shield, all the doors, hood, trunk lid, rear fenders, roof and wheel arches. We use only the best, high-quality, modern, certified materials. Also, sizing all possible multi-layered surface coatings, in addition, we carefully go around the entire wiring and all places of its compounds in the car, leaving them in range, cutting all the technological areas specified by the manufacturer. After the application of all necessary materials, we assemble the cabin. We guarantee a perfect assembly, without bristling broken caps and carpets. Disassembly and assembly of interior our professionals always do very carefully, in accordance with the technological requirements of the manufacturer. We dismantle and assemble far more than one hundred of different brands of car interiors. We know all about the process and guarantee the complete safety of the appearance of all elements of the interior of your car!

What it gives?

High-quality insulation primarily makes every trip in the car comfortable. You'll be less tired at the wheel, drop your fatigue. Improve safety while driving, you will not be distracted by the noises coming from the wheel arches or door. Professional insulation allows you to enjoy the new sound of your car audio system. At the time of slam the door, you will hear the noble, dull and barely audible sound. In addition, the cabin will keep cool in the summer and heat in the winter. You can increase the service life of the vehicle due to the absorption of vibrations.