About Second Skin

Second skin was built with one goal in mind; provide the best vehicle sound deadening material, thermal insulation, car sound dampening products in the world, without exception, without compromise and without fear of the competition.

Types of Second Skin Products:

  • Damplifier

    With a weight of .35 lbs. per square foot and a 6.5 mil thick foil constraining layer, this self adhesive CLD vibration damper helps insure a cool and quiet ride by killing structure borne vibrations, noise and heat, while saving weight and money.

  • Damplifier Pro

    Damplifier Pro - CLD Sound Deadener & Vibration Damper Damplifier Pro is a self adhesive, foil backed CLD vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Damplifier Pro on the interior sheet metal of any car to destroy...

  • Overkill

    When applied inside doors, top of our Spectrum or Damplifier vibration dampers, Overkill absorbes airborne sound waves that come from the door speakers and help to reduce the echos inside the doors.

  • Overkill Pro

    Over Kill Pro is a very flexible OEM style closed cell foam insulation made of closed cell vinyl infused with rubber, specifically engineered to absorb airborne noise in your doors between the frequency range of 15k Hz and 20k Hz. It is 3 times thicker than our regular Overkill mat and will do 3 times the work.

  • Luxury Liner

    The automotive industries heaviest aftermarket Barium Loaded Vinyl Barrier for sound attenuation and road noise reduction. Match up Luxury Liner with a closed cell foam like our Overkill or Overkill, on top of your vibration damper to block the transmission of airborne sound waves such as road noise, engine noise, and exhaust drone!

  • Luxury Liner Pro

    Luxury Liner Pro is our best automotive noise insulaton barrier. Luxury Liner Pro is designed to go on top of our vibration dampers to filter out, and block the transfer of the most difficult airborne sound waves. When used on top of Damplifier or Damplifier Pro, Luxury Liner Pro can help noise insulation and make any car quiet as a brand new luxury vehicle.

  • Heat Wave Pro

    Heat Wave Pro is an amazing car heat insulation material acting as an insulation blanket and radiant barrier. The 2 layers of foil reflect radiant heat while the natural fibers reduce convectional heat and insulate your car from extreme temperatures. Adding a layer of Heat Wave Pro on top of Damplifier, Damplifier Pro or Firewall is the easiest way to create a cool and comfortable ride.

  • Thermal Block

    Thermal Block is the best thermal reflective barrier we offer. This self adhesive mat is designed to face the heat source directly to reflect radiant heat and dissipate convectional heat up to 800 degrees fahrenheit. This composite heat shield has 3 layers of heat rejecting material for the ultimate in automotive thermal insulation. Apply on the engine side of the firewall, or under the car, above the exhaust for the ultimate in pre-cabin heat treatment.