Land Rover Discovery 4

Noise Land Rover Discovery 4 in the plant's performance is quite good, and the car can be attributed to a clan of those who are already in the basic version is very comfortable. However, the owner of the vehicle does not have his first car from us and from the rest of our work Discovery no longer seems so quiet. All this with the words of the owner and, of course, can not but rejoice that our work brings good results. Our team has prepared in advance for the arrival of the car on the record - all the material pre-sliced ??and placed in our special oven to heat the material uniformly across the thickness of up to 50 degrees. The tool is always clean and our experienced material begins to full soundproofing Land Rover Discovery IV in the presence of the owner of the car.

Noise hood Discovery starts with the degreasing work surfaces. Metal hood we process vibrodempferom Comfort mat Gold G3 thickness of 3 mm, and the reverse side of the standard insulation acquires another layer zvko-insulating splenitis.

Soundproofing a ceiling Discovery. The ceiling of any vehicle involved in our masters, with special trepidation, because it is a delicate thing and should not be soiled. Headlining carefully dismantled and the metal roof is prepared for processing.

Easy and effective vibration isolation Dark D3 TM "Comfort mat" takes its place on the ceiling. We carefully rolled down to the metal material for maximum adhesion and elimination of air pockets.

A thick, water-resistant and incredibly effective sound absorber on the basis of Felton felt we laid over vibrodempfera. This material will delay sounds, walking in the cabin, as well as penetrating from the outside through the roof.

Noise door Discovery is produced in parallel with the ceiling. While one or two masters engaged in the ceiling of the car, the others take over the door. Removing the skins shows us the bare interior doors, which we will fill with light and modern materials.

The first layer we put a light 3 mm x vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3, which is carefully roll out special tools. We have all the necessary tooling for the stitching, even the most remote places in the door.

Moisture resistant insulation Comfort mat Start Fi reliably protect the outer wall of the door of unwanted sounds

Door frame also needs to vibration isolation. We produce metal damping all the same easy and efficient Dark D3.

Modern sound absorber Comfort mat Lock is the last barrier to the noise in the cabin Putri front door trim. This material is much more effective splenitis that is so favored by the majority of the installation glues studios in the pursuit of savings in material costs.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Discovery begins with us with complete disassembly and removal of the interior of everything that can prevent or damaged. At this stage, we have already passed about 4 hours and work on doors and ceiling are completed.

After dismantling we degrease the surface and the whole team starts with vibration isolation raotu bottom Discovery.

The floor in the cabin and the rear wheel arches niches we treat powerful and easy vibrodempferom Comfort mat Ultra Loker.

This material - a joint development lab Comfort mat and our test site. Material we advance and cut in a special oven heats to a temperature of 50 degrees even for one hour in advance of a vehicle for recording.

Do not forget about the niche of the wheel arches and rear wings. We treat them as carefully as possible.

Full coverage of the floor silencer Comfort mat Lock will prevent or lower the tone of unwanted noise from the wheels and underbody.

We try to work not only efficiently and effectively, but also so it was nice to see.

This insulation does not end there. After all, our motto - only the maximum noise isolation. We decide to add to the horizontal floor areas where it does not interfere with the assembly, an additional silencer felt moisture resistant high density Felton. This is one of the best absorbers of felt of origin on the market absorption.

Here is the wheel arch and niche rear wing after treatment.

After completion of the bottom of our team starts to assemble the cabin. By the way, on this car, we just made a noise isolation instrument panel and wheel arches to the outside, but that's a topic for another photo report.

Working in the field of automotive sound insulation since 2007, our team has turned an incredibly rich and valuable experience with the car that we cherish. That is why we have no employee turnover, and each master knows his job inside out. Thanks to all this we guarantee each owner avtoombilya factory build quality of the passenger compartment, as well as the absence of evidence of tampering, such as hooks, cuts, or broken caps.

Noise Land Rover Discovery 4 carried by our craftsmen in the presence of the owner of the car for 10 hours. This work allowed us to make Discovery even quieter, more silidnee and occasional creaking and ringing skins altogether gone. During the work our team is working well and smoothly, put in the car 60 kilograms of the most modern and effective materials that are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of temperutary will work for the benefit of comfort driver and passengers of the car.