Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Noise Range Rover Evoque, as many believe, should correspond to the status and the price of the car. The status of a premium, the price premium, too. And the insulation? Alas, our customers think that it does not hold up premium. Of course, the car gives a feeling of comfort and luxury, but it would be great, especially on wheel arches that bored its intrusive drone at speeds higher than the average. We regularly all the time improving comfort Ewoks, making vehicles even quieter and more comfortable. So this time, even an hour before the arrival of the car, we completely cut all soundproofing material and place it in our special heating stove, which for the entire session will be to maintain the material at a temperature of 50 degrees. Master armed with special tools clean, clean gloves and ready for professional dismantling of the cabin. The whole process took us 9 hours, and the owner may be near (we even insist on it) and watch all the subtleties of our teamwork. So let's see what it represents insulation Range Rover Evoque!

Noise hood Evoque starts with the degreasing work surface. Then we put the metal hood is lightweight and highly efficient Comfort mat Dark D3, but on the wrong side of the standard plating shumoteploizolyator splenitis.

Noise roof Evoque made by us only in pure gloves. We will not leave behind creases, stains or scratches. In no case do not skip step degreasing metal roof.

Light and modern vibrodempfer on mastic new generation Comfortmat Dark D3 we put the whole area of the roof and rolled down special rollers without any air pockets.

Sound-absorbing felt thickness of 10 mm protects the space under the skin of the roof of the aircraft noise and sound waves, strolling under the skin.

Noise door Evoque is made simultaneously with the work on soundproofing the ceiling. We have a large team of artists, and not only do the different parts of the car, but also different cars at the same time. Of course, for each vehicle we have our own separate team. Before you start, we dry, purify and degrease hollow doors.

Vibration-damping material Comfortmat Dark D3 is not only effective but also easy, thanks to modern mastic composition. Apply a layer on the outer wall of the door and rolled down speitsalnym tool buyout allows us to reach even the most remote places.

The following material is used in the door sound insulator and a thickness 6 mm. This Comfort mat Start fi, consisting of a layer of mastic bezkleevogo installation and sound insulation. This material is completely indifferent to moisture.

Metal door frame sections must also be damp and we use this to our favorite easy Dark D3.

In addition to the quality of vibration isolation is necessary and high-quality sound absorption walking. For these purposes, a favorite with many cheap splenitis not suitable. We use sound-absorbing porous material Comfort mat Lock.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches Evoque starts immediately after the insulation work on the hood, doors and ceiling zakonechny. By this time, our local took a little over 4 hours, and we start the whole team to work with the bottom of the car.

To do this, we make the car all that can stop us or damaged carpets, trim, seats. Before you begin, we make cleaning and metal degreasing.

After about one hour we paid a vibration isolation on the floor. Recall that we do not spend time on the warm-up of each sheet of vibration isolation, and we obtain from our proprietary oven ready and uniformly warmed to a temperature of 50 degrees mats.

Powerful and highly vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark Bomb 4 millimeters thick takes his place on the floor in the cabin and wheel arches.

Luggage compartment floor has a complex relief, so we use Comfortmat Gold G3 thickness of 3 mm.

The porous silencer Comfort mat Lock on top vibration isolation we use to improve the acoustics from the bottom.

We try to work not only with the full coverage area without holes and Progal, but do it nicely. All this is happening in your presence.

We clearly pursue its policy of maximum noise reduction without saving on materials, so we put an extra layer of felt silencer on the floor. Thickness of 10 mm.

Trunk lid, we isolate the vibration, and its trim handle viscoelastic antiskripnym Ultra Soft.

We are starting to build the cabin to finish the work we are left with no more than one hour.

After assembling the cabin we produce it rubbing and check the operation of all lights and electronic devices. Our team has extensive experience soundproofing cars since 2007. Behind our shoulders daily shumoizoyaltsii to 5 cars at a time and we boldly guarantee our customers a factory build quality interior with no trace of intervention, such as cuts, hooks, cracks, stains, or broken skin, or caps.

Noise Range Rover Evoque have continued for 9 hours, during which the owner of the car saw everything! We have nothing to hide, because experience with premium (and not only) of automobile salons have the thousands of cars since 2007. The car was literally "stuffed" the most advanced vibration-damping and noise-attenuating materials that will work for the benefit of comfort driver and passengers around the clock and all year round, regardless of the temperature in the cold. Carrying out the procedure is the maximum noise isolation without saving on materials, in other matters, the other we do not offer. Now you can be sure of exactly what we squeezed out of the Ewok 100% for comfort, and maybe more.