Mercedes GLK (X204)

Noise Mercedes GLK in the body x204 - frequent enough phenomenon in our special center. We know how dorestaylingovoy cars, and in restyling. Today we arrived by appointment black completely brand new GLK at full soundproofing of the cabin. Because the owner is very concerned about the noise of the wheel arches, it was decided to further process them on the outside. Our team is ready for the arrival of a car in advance - all the vibration isolation is already cut to our templates and placed in a special furnace to heat up to a temperature of 50 degrees. Gloves and tools are clean, and we begin to work with the car in the presence of the owner of the car. Work in your presence - a distinctive feature of our team. After all, you can make sure the quality of our work, as well as the competence of our artists personally. Is not this the most expensive right now in our time?

Noise bonnet Mercedes GLK is produced by applying vibrodempfera Comfortmat Gold G3 on the inner surface of the metal hood, as well as on the underside shumoteploizolyatora splenitis standard insulation.

Soundproofing a ceiling Mercedes GLK starts with careful disassembly of the ceiling paneling experienced craftsman and only clean gloves. After dismantling the ceiling we see a staff list, like cardboard, with which the Germans are trying to increase the rigidity of the roof, as well as reduce its vibration loading.

Remove modest factory noise insulation and ceiling to prepare by pasting metal degreasing.

Quality vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3 takes its place on the metal roof with full coverage of the surface.

As the sound insulation we use 10 mm thick felt, which perfectly absorb sound, as much izlyublen German manufacturers as the standard noise reduction BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Noise door Mercedes GLK. While some masters are engaged in the roof and the hood of the car, the others take over the door. After dismantling door trim, as well as removing the metal shield on which is located the equipment window, we have laid bare the inner door.

Exterior metal doors, we process modern thick and light vibrodempferom Comfortmat Dark D3, smoothing his quality special tool.

Then we use glueless splenitis based material coated with foil. The fact that the application of an adhesive material is undesirable in the door, where the predominant strong humidity after rain or washing the car. Glue in this case will last long and will begin to mold and decay. Our material has a basis instead of the mastic adhesive vibration isolation, which holds the material perfectly on the vertical surfaces and is not afraid of water.

Install the metal shield (door card) to place and treat it as vibration isolators Comfortmat Dark D2.

As a final layer, which prevents the penetration of noise into the cabin, we use sound poglotitl Comfortmat Lock 5, which is well known as well as Bibiton and well-proven as the material is much more efficient than splenitis.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Mercedes GLK. At a time when working with the hood, roof and doors are over, our local took about 4 hours time and our masters start to the final, but the most important part of the work.

To do this, we carefully dismantle and take out all of the interior that can interfere with or damage during operation. As a result, we see in front of you a picture here - absolutely the bare floor of the car.

After the procedure, degreasing metal vibrodempfery we put on the bottom. The floor in the cabin, as well as the wheel arches, powerful vibration isolators processed Comfortmat Dark Bomb, a thickness of 4 millimtera. The material we put at 50 degrees and carefully unroll rlikami metal exterior.

Dark Bomb, which we use, is one of the best vibrodempferov not only in the premium range Factory SGM, but also among the other materials of this class. Note how to handle niche front passenger footwell - we try to stack the material is so high under the dash, as space permits.

The complex and the relief of the trunk floor is treated vibroizoljatorov Comfortmat Gold G3.

Go back to the silencers Comfortmat Lock 5 and cover them all the bottom of the car. The adhesive layer of the material made in Germany and totally water resistance.

This material has a much higher rate of efficiency than splenitis that the old fashioned (and in order to save) are used to working mbolshinstvo offices.

Where it is possible, we are adding a third layer silencer Felt as klientum offer only maximum noise isolation without regard to the material consumption.

Moreover - we return at the place of the felt sound insulation arches Mercedes.

The trunk lid anti-vibration, and its cladding layer is processed acoustic felt.

Interior is preparing to assemble and our masters will do it at the highest level.

Additional insulation wheel arches often made on German cars, and not included in the soundproofing of the cabin. In this case we produce regular disassembly Lockers vehicle with the purpose to reach the metal arch, as well as the preliminary cleaning and degreasing the surface.

Vibro Comfortmat Dark Bomb takes its place on the outer side of the arch. By the way, the same material covers the arch and on the part of the passenger compartment. Be sure to run hot material.

Moisture resistant insulation ShumFleks prevents the passage of sound through the wheel arch of the car.

Our masters are well aware of GLK, and we have done a lot of these cars. Therefore, having a wealth of experience under his belt since 2007, we guarantee you a factory build quality of the cabin, as well as the absence of evidence of tampering, such as scratches, hooks, stains, or broken caps. Before the delivery of the car to the customer we will make wiping the entire cabin.

Noise Mercedes GLK x204 improved our masters by introducing an additional 60 kilograms of high-quality vibrodempferov and sound absorbers in a car. Now, the driver and his passengers will feel a new level of comfort, and the noise from the road and surrounding avtoombiley will not irritate and create discomfort. Along the marked improvement in standard acoustic sound, as well as increase the pleasure of driving by reducing noise, squeaks and extraneous overtones. All the work we took about 9 hours, during which the owner of the car was next to a cozy atmosphere and admired the efficient work of our guys.