Mercedes GLA (W156)

Noise Mercedes GLA W156. The first generation of the new form factor GLA based on the Mercedes has a lot more to do with the hatchback A-class from Mercedes than a SUV. However, wide wheelbase, four-wheel drive, geometric cross, and increased ground clearance give odds to many modern crossover. As expected, a sound insulation is not thought so thoroughly that it suited the newly owners. That is why we constantly make noise isolation almost the entire model range Mercedes, especially in primary schools. We have our own set of patterns for etogo car, so even 1 hour before the arrival of the car on the record (and to us everything come by appointment, so that we immediately started to work with the car), we chop all the necessary material and have it warm in our special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees. Before the arrival of the car we meet it with a clean special tools and a clean set of gloves. Our work will last 8:00 in the presence of the owner of the car.

Noise bonnet Mercedes GLA in normal version is not (at least in experimental car in the photo report), so we process the metal hood trehmillimetrovym vibrodempferom light-mastic Comfort mat Dark D3.

Soundproofing a ceiling Mercedes GLA is conducted experienced craftsman with a guarantee of purity roof sheathing. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience to disassemble and assemble the ceiling without a single blot. A significant role is played here by a clean set of gloves.

Processing of metal ceiling is made easy, but with high ILC (vibration isolation characteristics), a premium line of vibrodempferom Comfort mat Dark D3.

Sound absorber on the basis of increased batt density, moisture barrier prevents the formation of air sound waves under headlining.

Noise door Mercedes GLA takes place in parallel with work on the ceiling. Masters skillfully dismantled the Mercedes door skin, ensuring you keep all fasteners and caps. Of course, we do not start working not degrease and dry the surface of the metal workers.

Lightweight (about 1.5 kg per sheet) and effective (ILC = 0.41) vibrodempfer Comfort mat Dark D3 takes its place on the outer metal door. We have everything you need special tools for high-quality stitching material even in the most labor-intensive areas.

Then we use the 6 millimeter soundproofing Comfort mat Start Fi, which as a mounting adhesive layer contains, as the mastic composition which is perfectly neutral to moisture.

Set back to regular plastic door panel (as it does not need vibration isolation), and process the surface of the final layer of dense silencer Comfort mat Lock.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches Mercedes GLA begins after about 4 hours after the start of the machine. At this point, we have already processed the ceiling and doors.

To do its job carefully and with maximum quality, we have to remove from the cabin all that can stop us. This cladding panels, carpets, seats. Be sure to remove all dirt from metal and degrease it.

We get out of our oven ready, warmed uniformly throughout the thickness of the sheets of vibration isolation and treat the floor.

A sheet, by the way, we are thick and juicy. Our pride - super efficient Comfort mat Ultra Loker thickness of 5.2 mm. emblazoned on the most vibronagruzhennosti body parts - passenger compartment floor and wheel arches.

It is in truth an exclusive material, which is produced only for us, in close collaboration with the laboratory of Comfort mat. Here maximum performance indicators borders with low weight, as used in modern light mastic Dark Extreme.

Rear wheel arches gets all the power that is available to us.

Harboring floor dense sound absorber Comfort mat Lock. In horizontal floor absorber thickness up to 8 mm. More we can not - we are waiting for the problems with the assembly floor and plugs seats if we go too far.

We work conscientiously and do it beautifully.

The tailgate is exposed to vibration isolation, and its lining is covered with a thick viscoelastic noise absorbing antiskripom Ultra Soft.

Our team consists of many experts and each group is engaged in the car.

It begins assembling the cabin and in the process we come to obos pedantry, because it is fundamentally affect the car owner satisfaction with our work.

Extras. service: insulation wheel arches outside. The service we have is optional and not included in the work on the car. This operation we will be able to do only those cars that flaunt bare metal arches under the fender liner. GLA is easily allows you to do.

Treated metal arches thick and powerful Comfort mat Ultra Loker 5,2 mm. and carefully rolled down it. Recall that the material before installation we extract from our stove and it had warmed up to a temperature of 50 degrees.

Noise- reflector layer quits with arches.

After assembling the cabin, we wipe it and produce functional test of mechanisms and electronics. Huge daily experience of our team of soundproofing salons since 2007 allows us to guarantee the integrity of the owner of fasteners, caps and skins vehicle interior as well as the build quality of the passenger compartment according to factory standards.

Noise Mercedes GL in the back of W156 lasted walls of our special center a little more than 8 hours. Our team of professionally produced disassembly and assembly of the cabin, as well as the installation of efficient vibration control and sound-absorbing materials. The vehicle weight by 50 kilograms, and the resulting level of comfort is now justifies the three-beam star on the hood.