Mercedes E-klasse W212

Noise Mercedes E W212. In our technical center once daily produced insulation 4-5 cars at a time, and the owners of other cars, watching soundproof neighboring Mercees E-Class is often wonder, why bother making noise insulation on this car? As practice shows, not so quiet this Mercedes. Especially when a car owner wants more comfort and pleasure in the cabin. We produce enviable frequency noise insulation Three big German car (Audi, BMW, Mercedes), raising them comfort and the W212, that before your eyes, is no exception. We work in the presence of the owner, was very proud, because we offer the owner of each vehicle serviced with us, stay with us these 10 hours a cozy atmosphere and watch the clear and well-coordinated work of our artists. And the work we do well coordinated, because the guys in the process is not being diverted to the heating of each sheet of soundproofing - because even 1 hour before the arrival of the car on the record, we cut according to our patterns and placed in our special oven all viroizolyatsionnye layers that are waiting in the wings at a temperature of 50 degrees. Let's see what he is inside the Mercedes?

Noise bonnet Mercedes E W212, we made a classic case where vibrodempfer Comfort mat Gold G3 are placed on pre-dried skimmed and metal hood, and noise-insulator processes splenitis the wrong side of the regular insulation hood.

Noise roof Mercedes E W212 starts with careful disassembly of the ceiling upholstery experienced master and be sure to clean gloves that nothing could upset the owner of the car after work performed. On the ceiling of the car were placed nominally 2 sheets of felt that we removed.

Vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3 easy and efficient and takes up the entire surface of the metal roof. We have all the necessary special tools, to roll on the material quality to the metal without the formation of air pockets.

Completing the picture layer of 10-millimeter high density soundproofing felt Felton. This material is not only incredibly effective, but also water resistance.

Noise door Mercedes E W212 is made in parallel with the roof work. Dismantling of the door panels is not our masters the slightest hesitation, and we get access to the inside of the door.

Easy and effective vibrodempfer premium line of Comfort mat Dark 3 millimeters thick takes its place on the external metal doors and will prevent it from spreading not only vibration, but also occasional nicks obtained in the parking lot.

The second layer - noise reflector Comfort mat Start Fi, which is protected from moisture bezkleevoy mounting putty and foreign film of a special foil.

Another layer Comfortmat Dark D3 has defends the inner frame of the door. This material when its lightness is very effective. This is because of modern mastic composition.

Silencers Comfort mat Lock is the last obstacle in the way of noise into the cabin through the door.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Mercedes E W212 begins after about 4 hours after all the work on the doors and the ceiling of a vehicle completed.

We are removed from the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment absolutely everything that can prevent us from quality work: chairs, trim, console, carpet.

After about 1 hour, our team has made installation of vibration isolation on the bottom and arches of the vehicle.

On the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches, we have prepared a powerful 5-mm Comfort mat Ultra Loker, who have previously warmed in a special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees. Our craftsmen do not spend time on each sheet of heat, and warm up so thick material over the entire thickness using ene (as many do) is practically impossible.

Trunk floor and rear wings niche assume layer Comfort mat Gold G3. All the material we carefully rolled up to skim the body with powerful metal rollers.

It is the turn noise insulation layer. We covered the entire surface of the floor silencer Comfor mat Lock. This material is many times more effective splenitis, which are so fond of the installation work services, not to think about the effectiveness of their work.

In the trunk over the silencer on the arch, we return to the place of further staff felt noise insulator.

On the floor in the cabin, we also prepared an extra layer of sound absorber - a modern high-density felt Felton, who is not afraid of moisture. German cars and so rife with staff felt sound insulation (partly why they are quieter Japanese and Korean counterparts), and we felt more active use silencers in their work.

The trunk lid vibrizoliruetsya and its lining is processed and silencers antiskripom Violon.

Assembling the interior is in full swing and minutes separated the owner from the test drive in the new comfortable car.

The experience of our masters of German cars is so great that we can safely guarantee you a factory build quality interior of your car as well as to assure you that no caps, no skin in your car at dismantling will not be damaged. All our experience runs daily monitoring has been since 2007.

Noise Mercedes E-Class W212 is made by our professional team for 10 hours in the presence of the astonished owner of the car. During this time we have laid under the skin 55 kilograms of the most modern and efficient vibrodempferov and silencers to be day-to-day work for the benefit of comfort driver and passengers. Now the doors of the vehicle closed with an even more luscious cotton, full-time music played noymi colors, and the work suspension and wheel arches noise perceived by the ear, if they are covered with a blanket. We made full soundproofing W212 and now this car can rightly take a step to the next grade classification comfort.