Lexus RX

Noise Lexus RX IV. The owner of the car found it very noisy, after we have made a noise isolation of his second car Toypta LC 200. Of course, the Lexus brand is doing everything possible to automobiles were present in the premium segment, but there is always the owner who wants more comfort in the cabin of his car . And such people among the many owners of Lexus. That is why to us periodically calls in the entire range of Lexus, starting from the base and ending with the IS luxury LX. The latter, by the way, I stop to us most often. This Lexus RX our regular customer came to us literally from the salon. It is nice to know that our special center located in one of the essential places to visit many of our customers. By the arrival of the car, we still prepared in advance: all soundproofing material is cut on the patterns and posted to languish in our special oven at a temperature of 50 degrees. Masters meet in the car clean gloves and clean tools ready. We begin full soundproofing fourth generation Lexus RX, and the progress of work will be the owner of the watch in the cozy obstvnovke in the immediate vicinity of their vehicle. We always insist that the owner of each car, arrived to our soundproofing saw firsthand all our "kitchen".

Noise hood Lexus RX starts with what I have to degrease metal working surfaces on which we put an easy and effective Comfort mat Gold G3, and a full-time heat-insulating lining the hood from the inside we put an extra layer shumoteploizolyatora splenitis.

Noise roof Lexus RX. On this vehicle, I attended a large panoramic sunroof, and therefore the insulation of the roof simply meaningless, since in this case, the processing of the roof will be celebrated for about 30% of its surface. If the owner insists, we will do the job without any problems. In this case, the owner of the car from the roof sound insulation refused as from the worthless idea.

Noise door Lexus RX begins with careful disassembly of door skins, and then we get access to the inside of the door. We manufacture degreasing and proceed.

The layer of modern and easy vibrodempfera Comfortmat Dark D3 3 millimeters thick covers the entire surface of the outer sheet metal door Lexus RX. We have all the necessary special tools for stitching the material even in the most difficult places.

The next layer - noise reflector. This waterproof Comfort mat Start Fi, which is to protect from moisture has bezkleevuyu sontazhnuyu paste, as well as the outer layer of foil.

Go to the frame of the door, which also needs to be ac vibrodempfirovanii. At this stage, we are creating as a closed volume for regular speaker zastvlyaya him to play better. Material Dark D3 line of premium Comfort mat.

Seal coat of silencer Comfort mat Lock is the final arbiter on the road noise into the cabin through the door.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Lexus RX. For the final part of the work, the bottom of the car, we start only when working with the other parts and surfaces of the car have been completed.

Noise dashboard Lexus RX we have made an additional payment. But more on that later.

We bring everything from the interior, which could prevent us to do quality work: seats, trim, tunnel ovrovoe cover.

The floor in the cabin and wheel arches protect powerful vibration isolation Comfort mat Ultra Loker. This premium with maximum vibration isolation from the Commission of Comfort mat. This material has a thickness greater than 5 mm, but thanks to the modern chemical formula mastic layer is very slight.

Vibro floor and niches rear wings made damper Comfortmat Gold G3.

It is the turn laying the noise absorbing layer and its role performs Comfort mat Lock with complete coverage of the floor area.

Despite the fact that we are working smoothly and fast, we all get and accurately and beautifully.

An additional layer of silencer on the floor in the cabin, where it will not prevent the assembly. It is modern and stunning in its characteristics of high density acoustic felt Felton. Moisture resistant, among other things.

In the niche of the rear wings and arches we also add a generous layer of felt. We do not save on material and pursue only one goal - maximum cabin soundproofing at all costs.

Noise dashboard Lexus RX is our additional services and proivzoditsya surcharge. In this case, our professionals will dismantle the dashboard, dismantled it into its component parts, and each of them is treated with a great sound and a thick absorber antiskipom Violone.

Under-torpedo space in the cabin is treated as vibrodempferom and then antiskripom and silencers.

The final stage of work - installation of interior Lexus RX.

We have a rich and valuable experience our unchanging masters, which ensures every client factory build quality of the car, without evidence of tampering, such as spots, cuts, hooks plstika or broken caps. Operating since 2007, we have learned to produce a flawless removal and installation of any skins. Our secret lies in the experience and tools.

Noise vehicle Lexus RX produced in our special center with the most modern and lightweight materials. work was carried out in the presence of the owner of the car, which was in our cozy area otdyza in the immediate vicinity of their vehicle. We put in the car 55 kilograms vibration and sound-absorbing materials, which make you feel the driver and his companions of the premium passengers, without any compromises.