Lexus NX

Many consider soundproofing Lexus NX enough to feel comfortable and much better than the more famous "Japanese." However, the owner, to pay for this car a lot of money could afford to want more in terms of comfort. Moreover, that this can be achieved in less than 2% of the value of the car. Noise isolation and comfort is never enough, which is why in our hands are such seemingly premium cars for soundproofing interior refinement. We take another Lexus NX by appointment, and all soundproofing material in advance was cut and placed us in a special oven to heat up to 50 degrees. Armed with clean tools and clean gloves our masters start to work. Incidentally, this rayuota take no more than 8 hours, and the owner of the vehicle is located in a comfortable area in the immediate vicinity of the car, and will oversee all the details of our work.

Noise hood Lexus NX starts with degreasing metal hood. Metal we handle vibration isolation Comfortmat Dark D3, carefully prikatyvaya it to the surface. Noise splenitis applied to the underside of the standard insulation hood.

Noise roof Lexus NX led by an experienced master and only clean gloves. We do our work cleanly and without stains. After dismantling the ceiling upholstery, we have access to the metal roof, which necessarily degreased before application of vibration isolation.

Vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3 takes its place on the metal roof. We made full coverage of the area of the roof and carefully prikatanny masterial to the surface.

Felt silencer thickness of 10 mm protects the interior against the penetration of noise and is a good absorber of a sound wave.

Noise door Lexus NX is produced in parallel with the work on the roof and hood. While some masters are engaged in the hood and the ceiling, and the rest take the car door. Before you start, we degreasing the inner surface of the frame and each door.

Vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3 protects the outer wall of the metal doors, not only from the spread of vibration, but also from accidental punching metal door from outside.

Soundproofing layer Comfortmat Stary Fi 4 glueless waterproof top vibration isolation is based on the outer wall and serves as a barrier to external audio sources. This material is not afraid of water, but instead it has a very thin adhesive layer of mastic composition.

Door frame also needs to vibration isolation and we do it pictures Comfortmat Dark D3. At this stage, it formed a closed volume in the door, which is a positive effect on the sound quality of the standard audio system.

The final barrier of sound into the cabin through the door - a layer silencer Comfortmat Lock (aka Bibiton).

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Lexus NX. By the time shumoizoyaltsiya doors, the hood and the ceiling are made, the whole team starts to master the most important and effective part of the work.

To do this, we make the salon all we can to prevent high-quality work and degrease the surface of the floor.

On the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches, we have a thick (4.2 mm.) And effective vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark Bomb. The material we have pre-sliced and warmed up in a special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees.

We try as carefully as possible to choose the material composition of vehicles and for noise reduction on details such as the floor and the wheel arches, we use the most powerful and effective damping.

On the floor in the trunk, we use a little more subtle, but no less evil Comfortmat Gold G3 toschinoy 3 millimeters.

The turn silencer on the floor and we use modern Comfortmat Lock (aka Bibiton). This material is much more effective splenitis as a favorite by many offices.

Not only do we care about quality selection of materials for sound insulation, but also try to do their work nicely.

We are not resting on our laurels, and add to the horizontal sections of the floor one silencer thickness of 10 millimeters.

Thus, we have two whole floor sound absorber layer of different nature. We stand for maximum efficiency.

The boot lid is anti-vibration and acoustic noise insulating lining it felt.

Shop Lexus on final assembly, and we do it responsibly.

Extras. service: Noise wheel Lexus NX. Also we can offer you sound insulation wheel arches outside the car. This service can be made on any car, but it may NX. This additional service is not included in the full soundproofing of the cabin. First we remove the plastic liner, my arch and degreasing metal and process it vibrodempferom Comfortmat Dark Bomb thickness of 4.2 millimeters.

Moisture resistant insulation K-Flex will reflect the sound waves coming from the wheels to the side of the cabin.

In the foreground elements of the staff felt sound insulation applied to the liner from the factory.

Operating since 2007, our team has earned a huge experience with the interior of the vehicle by which we confidently guarantee you a factory build quality of the cabin, as well as the absence of spots, hooks, broken caps and druih trouble.

Noise Lexus NX has been modified by our craftsmen at the highest level. As a result of this work has been laid in the car 55 kilograms-the-art materials that will work day and night for the benefit of the comfort of the driver and passengers. Now, the already comfortable car is now even more luxurious, more interesting music played, even more down the road sounds and sensations of driving a car has become the new paint. We work 8 hours in the presence of the owner of the car and had a maximum noise isolation Lexus.