Lexus GX

This car is built on a single database with Toyota LC Prado 150, but with more emphasis on premium trim and hardware stuffing. Lexus is Toyota's only a little quieter due to its high-torque and quiet petrol engine, as well as an additional layer of soundproofing felt on the floor. In this case, the car owner still complain of some discomfort - heard road noise, especially at high speed. Yes confess, want more komfotra. That is what the vast majority of our customers, we all want more comfort and quietness in the cabin beloved car. Throughout etotm we help thousands of customers every year now since 2007. In the meantime, the car moves us by appointment We have 1 hour before arrival chop all soundproofing material of our templates (patterns and 100% coincide with the Prado) and place them in our special oven to heat up to 50 degrees. We expect the car to clean gloves and clean with special tools at the ready - the guys will work well and smoothly, because the cars in this body we have done many, many hundreds.

Noise hood Lexus GX 460 is produced by the classical scheme by applying vibration isolation Comfort mat Gold G3 on degreased metal hood and shumoteploizolyatsiya splenitis placed between the hood and the standard thermal insulation protection.

Noise roof Lexus GX 460. The standard GX is placed on the roof hatch. However, the size of the roof of Lexus is that the hatch area and its mechanisms of displacement occupy no more than half the area of the roof. After carefully dismantling the ceiling upholstery we perform degreasing and metal preparation.

Handle available plaschad roof modern light vibrodempferom Comfort mat Dark D3 thickness of 3 millimeters and reliable packer material to the metal special tools.

We then use the back of the roof of a dense acoustic noise absorbing felts Felton, who at a thickness of 10 millimeters has a delightful noise reduction coefficient.

Noise door Lexus GX 460 is performed in parallel with the ceiling. As long as one is engaged in a master roof, even neskoko take on the car door.

Treat the outer wall of the door Lexus GX modern and effective Comfort mat Dark D3, whose chemical formula is as follows, which allows 3 mm. thickness and high efficiency to keep the weight of the material at a very low level.

Layer Comfort mat Start Fi will serve as a reflector of unwanted sound waves passing through the door from the outside. The material has no adhesive (instead of adhesive mastic) and extremely resistant to moisture. - Or rather, do not fear it.

Vibro Dark D3 also handles the frame and closing the door with all the technological holes.

Sound absorber Comfort mat Lock is located just behind the last layer of the door skin and absorb the noise of whistles and, walking in the door.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Lexus GX 460. After the completion of the noise insulation hood, doors and roofs of our team starts the most basic part of the work that will make the maximum contribution to the work - insulation bottom Lexus GX..

For this, we carried out of the cabin everything that can stop us qualitatively to make his case: seats, console trim and carpets.

Our pride: the effectiveness vibrodempfer Comfort mat Ultra Loker, an exclusive only for us. This material is processed in the vehicle floor and the wheel arches and its thickness 5mm. and ease naveroyatno effective. The material we extract from our stoves have uniformly warmed to 50 degrees throughout the entire thickness, so our masters do not take the time for heating each sheet, as most firms.

This is a real exclusive. Comfort mat Ultra Loker made just for us.

We process the wheel arches on both sides, do not forget about the rear fenders.

As the sound insulation we use sound absorber Comfort mat Lock, which began to be used many years ago to replace the outdated and inefficient splenitis. What a pity that the majority of firms still use splenitis in the pursuit of cheap material cost.

We try to implement the full coverage area of silencers. However, aware of the problems of assembly like no other, so some places, you should not glue.

We clearly follow its policies - only the maximum noise isolation, and do not offer the customer the economy and standard options. That is why we do not regret any of the material handling vehicle, which fell into our hands. An additional layer on the floor of the cabin, we use another sound absorber - felt. Thickness 10 mm. Add to that more staff on the felt rug Lexus GX and you'll understand the power and efficiency of the resulting layer.

Felt is also a high-density and rear wings and on the arches of the Lexus.

The back door is processed viscoelastic noise absorbing antiskripom Violon.

Begins assembling the car and our masters do it consistently and clearly.

After assembling the cabin, we wipe the surface of skins, and check the quality of their work and performance of devices and mechanisms of the car. Operating since 2007, we have earned a good reputation, not only, but also an enormous experience with their vehicles therefore guarantee you a factory build quality of your interior as well as the absence of squeaks, crickets, hooks, cuts, or broken caps after work.

Noise Lexus GX is over they took our team of professionals exactly 9 hours. We have achieved a significant increase in comfort in the cabin due to modern and expensive vibration and sound-absorbing materials, which took us about 55 kilograms. The owner of the car was next to us during the whole period of work and did not utter any comments on our work. That's what true professionals. We have nothing to hide, why the owner of any car can completely be with us in a cozy stop at the sound insulation of your car. We even insist on it!