Chevrolet TrailBlazer II

Noise Chevrolet TrailBlazer made in our special center quite often, it is understandable, because the car completely naked and manufacturer in an attempt to bring down the price as much as possible saved on soundproofing. In other matters, so do many automakers are trying to sell the car through the eyes of an ordinary purchaser. Thus, the new 2013 Chevrolet TreylBleyzer second generation joined us by writing on the full soundproofing of the cabin, as well as an extra. service owner asked us to make noise isolation and antiskrip dashboard. Our team of artists will work on the car about 8 hours, and all this time the owner will spend time next to us in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Between times, anti-vibration material we advance sliced ​​and warmed up in our special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees, so that our masters are not distracted by unnecessary work on the heating of each sheet material.

Noise hood TrailBlazer is processing metal hood vibrodempferom Comfortmat Gold G3, a full-time hood lining is treated from the inside chetyrehmillimetrovym splenitis.

Soundproofing a ceiling TrailBlazer begins with careful disassembly and removal of ceiling racks roof lining. Masters in this work only in pure gloves, eliminating damage and contamination in the ceiling. Then, the metal ceiling degreased.

Apply a layer of anti-vibration Comfortmat Gold G3 and carefully roll out of its metal ceiling.

As we have sound insulator acts Felt very efficient, which is one of the best sound absorbers, and is commonly used in the German premium car in the factory.

Noise door TrailBlazer work performed in parallel with the roof and the hood of the car. Some artists engaged in the roof, and the rest take the door. We start, of course, careful disassembly skins and add them to a specially prednazanachennye place. Then, dry them and degreasing metal doors.

The outer wall of the door handle warm vibrodempferom Comfortmat Gold G3 and carefully roll out special tools.

Then we use waterproof material on the basis of sound insulator splenitis covered with a protective foil. A highlight of this material is that it does not contain an adhesive, and hence are not afraid of water. Instead of the adhesive layer is applied prefabricated vibroizoyaltsionnaya finest mastic, which is not only not afraid of water, but also perfectly holds material on a vertical surface.

Go to the frame of the door, which is also damping material Comfortmat Gold G2.

Under the trim on the door we put a modern sound absorber Comfort Lock 5 (Bibiton), and trim ...

... Felt even more efficient sound absorber and antiskrip. We aim - to make only the best possible sound insulation of the car and do not think about saving on materials.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches TrailBlazer. At a time when the insulation of doors, ceiling and over the hood, it's been about 3 hours and our team rushes to the bottom of the car noise isolation. We carefully understand and take out all the details that can stop us, preparing the floor for use.

Of course, without degreasing can not do here.

After about 1 hour we completely cover the bottom of the car vibration isolation. Yes, what! On the floor in the cabin and trunk arches, we used the most effective and expensive material from the premium line plant SGM Comfortmat Dark Bomb, which we got from our already hot oven at a temperature of 50 degrees.

Bombs has a thickness of 4 mm and was in the lead among the materials on the effectiveness of vibration damping materials among this class. In most offices the client will receive material no thicker than 2 mm, which clearly indicates a reluctance to do their job effectively.

On the floor we put in the trunk of a suitable material for difficult terrain Comfortmat Gold G3.

We proceed to the use of sound insulation and effective sound absorber Comfortmat Lock 5 (Bibiton).

We do a full underbody coating sound absorber.

But that's not all. If possible, we laid an additional layer of sound-absorbing felt on the floor in the cabin. Place in TreylBleyzere it allows us to do. Thus, we have the floor as possible protected against the penetration of extraneous noise as possible.

The trunk lid anti-vibration, and its lining covered silencers.

Noise dashboard TrailBlazer our service is optional and is charged separately. This work makes it possible to get rid of the chatter and overtones in the dashboard, as well as further dampen intrusive roar of the engine.

After the dismantling of the dashboard is broken down into parts and each of them is treated antiskrip then becomes the original appearance of the dashboard assembly.

Under-torpedo room is also processed antiskripom, including contact with plastic parts torpedo torpedo sub-elements, as well as process the electrical wiring, eliminating the friction and, as a consequence, squeaks.

It begins assembly of interior and our masters do it as carefully and competently.

We guarantee the owner of any car interior factory build quality, thanks to the wealth of experience with cars. We guarantee that the facilities will be spared from scratches, and the skins will not appear traces of disassembling in patches, hooks or broken caps. In all this, every customer can see himself being present at work with his car in our special center.

Maximum noise isolation cabin Chevrolet TreylBleyzer performed by our experts on the program maximum. In other matters, the other for us and do not happen. The vehicle weight by 60 kilograms advanced noise and vibration-absorbing materials and acoustic comfort is now to be exactly on a level that befits a car of this class. Our work lasted about 8 hours, and the effect of it will delight drivers and passengers throughout the life of owning a car, every day 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as used in our work materials work year-round, regardless of season and temperature.