Chevrolet Tahoe 4 (K2UXX)

So, another car came to us for a complete soundproofing of the cabin. As the owner of the additional work requested as to make sound insulation wheel arches outside the car. We have all the patterns on the body and one hour before the arrival of the car on the record, we chop the entire anti-vibration material on our patterns and place it to bask in our special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees. By the time the material is necessary, we'll get it already warmed evenly over the entire thickness and just let the work. Our masters have a wealth of experience with the Tahoe, so you can count on the fact that no cap, no cap, will not be affected at dismantling and assembling salrna your car. In all this, you can participate in person, being in our special center in the vicinity of the vehicle. But first things first.

Noise hood Tahoe IV begins with a degreasing metal surface, which we then process the light trehmillimetrovym vibrodempferom Comfort mat Dark D3. Established hood insulation from the inside is processed shumoteploizolyatorom.

Soundproofing a ceiling Tahoe IV. Our staff of masters is 100% of the real professionalosv, but work on the ceilings of cars most experienced of them. That's why we guarantee the purity of working with such delicate things as ceiling paneling. Master clearly knows what and how to remove and work in a clean set of gloves.

After drying and degreasing roof we treat it easy (1500 g on a sheet) and effective (0.41 euro to the Commission.) Vibrodempferom Comfort mat Dark D3.

Then, the roof is covered with a dense layer of water-resistant felt Felton 10 mm thick. It is a reliable trap for air sound wave, walking under the skin.

Noise insulation doors Tahoe IV. Structure fastening door skins Tahoe fourth generation significantly improved, compared with the body of the third generation. Now hold tight caps trim Islands seh critical areas and dismantling them requires increased care. After dismantling the doors pytnym master, we degreasing metal.

Easy isolator Dark D3 from Comfort mat takes its place on the outer metal door. We have all the necessary special tools for high-quality stitching material even in the most labor-intensive areas.

Noise-reflector Comfort mat Start Fi, 6 mm thick. second layer takes place. This material is not sozherzhit adhesive, and as the mounting layer comprises a superfine cement. This is a very good thing, because such a combination is not afraid of water.

Close the cage door vibrodempferom Dark D3 3 mm .. At the same time create a closed volume for door speaker, which favorably affect the quality of the bass sound.

Close the door topcoat 5-millimeter-thick sound absorbers Comfort mat Lock.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches Tahoe IV. Throughout the working process we are working smoothly as possible and without unnecessary break. That is why each artist clearly knows his job. By the time the insulation of doors, the hood and the ceiling is complete, our local took about 4 hours and the whole team rushes to the most important part of the work that will bring the most striking effect - shumoizoyaltsiya bottom and arches. To nothing prevents us to do their job as well as possible, we make out of the cabin seats, carpets, paneling, trim and prepare the surface to work.

After about another hour floor is covered with a thick layer of vibrodempfera. This is achieved by the fact that all the material we have already pre-cut and warmed up in a special oven, and we extract from it ready and warmed evenly over the sheet thickness vibration isolation.

On the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches are our pride - the flagship material Comfort mat Ultra Loker, which has a thickness of 5 mm and is installed only in our special center. This material comprises a mastic new generation of Dark Extreme, so has the incredible ease at its thickness and is produced in close co-operation of our special center and factory Comfort mat. We are not lazy and "lift" the material is so high in the legs of the front passengers in the engine shield, so far as the possibility.

On the arches too powerful Ultra Loker. Trunk floor is covered with a three-millimeter Dark D3.

The floor was covered with a dense sound absorber Comfort mat Lock, trying to cover the maximum area available to us.

Sometimes it seems that we do not work on the master sound insulation, and designers - it's not only the quality, but also beautiful.

Thick soundproof membrane "blocker" of the Comfort mat to enhance the effect of the silencer. This material has a high density and weight and has a level of airborne sound insulation of at least 32 dB.

Wheel arches wrapped tight, we felt Felton sound absorber thickness of 10 mm.

We pay attention to detail. All the rack plating and other critical parts treated with either antiskripom or absorbing felt, as in the case of the central rack of belts.

It begins assembly of interior and this operation is going on in accordance with factory standards.

The boot lid is easy antivibration Dark D3, and its noise absorbing lining treated vyazkoelestichnym antiskripom Ultra Soft 10.

Noise wheel arches Tahoe IV is an additional service and does not include the cost shumoizoyaltsii. To soundproof wheel arches outside, we release liner, purify and degrease metal arches. Look, but the plant is not worried about her regular vibration isolation.

Thick and powerful 5-mm Ultra Loker vibrodempfer hot rolled up to the metal arch. Material and serve as a good corrosion protection for metal.

Noise K-Flex-based foam rubber serve as a good barrier to the sound waves that penetrate into the interior through the arch.

Noise panel pribolrov Tahoe IV. In our special center you can also get the service of the instrument panel sound insulation and motor shield. We fully dismantle the dashboard and process all of its component parts viscoelastic antiskripom, as well as process the areas available engine shield absorbers. This procedure will save you from any squeak and bounce the dashboard, as well as additional mute baritone powerful engine.

Every day we are working in the field of sound insulation salons here since 2007 and every day of our shoulders is somewhat samyz different cars. With such a powerful experience and keeping yse knowledge of proper disassembly and assembly salons our masters will show you the top class of work in front of you, well, we guarantee you not only the good effect of the work but also the excellent quality of its execution without scratching , stains, broken caps and casings.

Every day we both noise-isolating several cars. We have a really great potential and we are ready to demonstrate it to you in full glory.

Noise Chevrolet Tahoe 4 in the back K2UXX continued in the walls of our special center just over 8 hours. During this time we have processed the most high-quality interior materials and effective without regard to their costs and increase the car's weight by 55 kilograms. Now this collection vibrodempferov and silencers will aggressively fight the noise in the car, protecting the driver and passengers from unnecessary hassles and headaches. So, as befits this flagship SUV.