Chevrolet Tahoe

Say Tahoe noisy - it means deceive. Established insulation quite impressive thickness and area coverings, but no matter how well it is done, there is still the noise of the wheel arches, the howling wind, etc. The desire of the owner to make your car more comfortable and more will be done and we will do the most comprehensive soundproofing Chevrolet Tahoe. Our Komada of seven "punishment" with this great car at a time. By the way, we strongly recommend that the owner of the vehicle to be around throughout the whole process works. It is a distinctive feature of our work, which is the owner of the car is so mesmerizing that it becomes our regular customer forever? You can watch your car sound insulation as closely as you can, but you never udidite ispachkanyh skins and a broken caps - the experience of our masters of the thousands of dismantled vehicles. So there you go!

Noise hood Tahoe starts with removing the standard insulation and metal degreasing. Then we process the metal hood light vibration isolation Comfort mat Dark D3, and the correct trim inside shumoteploizolyatorom paste.

Soundproofing a ceiling Tahoe begins with careful dismantling of the roof sheathing to our master professional. Since almost all of Tahoe equipped with a sunroof, the treatment will undergo a rear part of the roof, which was already not small.

Warm vibration isolation Comfortmat Dark D3 takes its place on the metal roof and carefully rolled up the special tool. Air bubbles are not allowed. This is an easy vibrodempfer built on a modern Dark mastic has a weight of less than 1500 in the list, and performance indicator ILC = 0.41 ve.

As a sound absorber we use a thick felt of high density coated with a moisture barrier. The thickness of the silencer is 10 mm. Walking in the headlining air sound wave will now be trapped.

Noise door Tahoe is parallel with noise insulation hood and roof, because of the machine runs a team of craftsmen. Experienced master disassemble skins. This is followed by degreasing and drying metal, after which the door is ready for processing.

Thick and light vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3 takes its place on the outer wall of the door and carefully rolled up for maximum adhesion. The weight of the silencer is small and the performance indicator, as we mentioned above, the Commission 0.41.

The next layer is soundproof doors function is Comfort mat Start Fi, which is covered with a protective foil, which eliminates the possibility of the impact of the aggression of the environment on the material. Toloschina material is 6 mm. A characteristic feature of this material is that it does not contain an adhesive layer (as we know, the adhesive begins to mold by high humidity in the door). That is why we in the material as the adhesive layer applied to a thin anti-vibration putty that holds amazing stuff on the vertical plane.

Let us turn to the door frame, which is also in need of vibration isolation. At this stage, we close all the technological holes in the door, which is beneficial to the sound of the OEM speaker.

Finish the soundproofing doors Tahoe dense layer of modern silencer Comfort mat Lock, which is much more efficient splenitis, so beloved by many offices for its cheapness.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches Tahoe. At the moment when the work on the roof, hood and doors are completed, we took about 3.5 hours. Now our team is focused on the most basic part of the work - the bottom of the car.

Before starting work on the floor we understand and take out all the seats, carpets and paneling that nothing is complicated the work of our masters, then purified and degreasing metal.

As vibration isolation on the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches, we use one of the thick, heavy and efficient materials Comfort mat Ultra Loker, which has a thickness of 5.2 mm and placed necessarily hot. Recall that the material we have before the arrival of the car warmed up in a special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees, so as not to waste the time of our masters for heating each sheet.

This material has shown the highest efficiency of not less than the Commission = 0.63 USD, the thickness of 5.2 mm. and this is exclusive, as it can be installed in only one place in Moscow - in our special center. It is worth noting that most of the competing firms are limited to a cheaper and unfortunately inefficient, vibration isolators with a thickness of 2 mm. in such need vibrodempfere surfaces as floors and arches.

View from the trunk. The wheel arches also bundled powerful Ultra Loker.

The turn of soundproofing here as we use very advanced and effective Comfort mat Lock, which is superior to splenitis 2 times.

We are working not only on the conscience, and do it beautifully.

We offer our customers only the highest version of the sound insulation, so thorough in the selection of the material and do not spare funds for expensive and high-quality mufflers. Tahoe - great car, and place in it a lot, not only in the cabin, but also under the floor. That is why we allow ourselves to put an extra layer of felt silencer in horizontal floor in the cabin and wheel arches. Felt incredibly effective and is often used as sound insulation factory on many machines. We use tight Felton thickness of 10 mm., Which has a moisture barrier.

The rear wheel arches are also fully "covered" noise absorbing felt.

Yes, Tahoe as factory noise isolation is felt, laid on the bare floor. We return it to place on top of our "cake." Total, we have one of the most powerful vibration insulation layer and three layers of modern silencers on the bottom.

The trunk lid anti-vibration, and it felt lining treated silencers.

It begins assembly of interior and our masters is not more than 1 hour until ready car.

It so happened that on that day we did the sound insulation of two Tahoe simultaneously. This happens all the time we have.

Thanks to the infinitely rich experience of our guys with cars Chevrolet Tahoe, we can safely guarantee you a factory build quality interior as well as the absence of tampering, such as a broken caps, spots or burrs on the plating. In all of this you can see for yourself by attending the soundproofing of the car with us.

Noise Chevrolet Tahoe completed. Our masters have done your work for 8 hours, during which the owner of the car was close to us and in a cozy atmosphere with tea and cookies watched our coordinated work. The vehicle weight by 65 kg of the highest quality and effective vibration and noise reducing saterialov meek and became comfortable. We hope that it will give the owner a sense of "silent armored car" for many years. Well, we are always waiting for you to write on the "sound insulation of your vehicle in your presence."