BMW X6 (E71)

Noise BMW X6 among the general population is considered to be an unattainable ideal, when compared to the average price segment cars. All this is true only if you are not the owner of the car, even with low-profile tires RunFlat. This car, we got to be torn from one of our regular customers, who was very pleased with our previous work on his Toyota LC 200. Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with cars not only Japanese, but also DM and we guarantee Responsibility approach when working with your car. It is extremely accurate work and guarantees a factory build quality interior. Criticism of the owner sounded briefly: noisy, especially the wheels. X6 is a tall vehicle with sporting ambitions, so a significant increase in weight is simply unacceptable. We voruzhaemsya most efficient generation of vibration isolation and silencers series Comfortmat and proceed to the insulation of this handsome man. At work, we need about 10 hours of continuous operation. By the way, we love when the owner of the car is beside us during the whole period of work and are ready to show you the highest quality of our approach to work.

Noise bonnet BMW X6 is produced by processing the metal hood vibrodempferom Comfortmat Gold G2, and the correct insulation hood processed shumoizolyatorom splenitis inside out.

Noise roof BMW X6 begins with a neat showdown headlining. The experience of our masters allows you to do it quickly and without hesitation, because all the details of disassembly, we have long been known. Find traces of the factory felt good sound insulation of the ceiling, though glued directly to the metal.

Carefully remove the felt (to us it still is useful) and washed with traces of glue from the roof.

Treat the metal roof of the modern vibrodempferom Comfortmat Gold G3, carefully prikatyvaya material is special instrument to the metal in order to achieve maximum adhesion.

We put an effective silencer made of felt thickness of 10 millimeters across the ceiling area.

And then returns and staff a felt sound insulation ceiling. Thus, the roof is protected by three layers of modern materials.

Noise door BMW X6 is conducted in parallel with the work on the ceiling and the hood of the machine because we employ a large team of craftsmen. Dismantling door BMW does not cause any difficulties in front of us, and the metal, ready for processing. But first degreasing and drying.

Vibration absorber Comfortmat Gold G3 takes its place on the external leaf door X6.

Next we use acoustic insulator Start Fi4 on lightweight vibration damping (bezkleevoy) basis. Bezkleevoy Why, you ask? It's simple. The doors are always a lot of moisture, and under its influence the adhesive layer is required to begin to mold. Our Start Fi4 devoid of glue, and its function is performed by a thin layer of anti-vibration putty that holds the material perfectly on the vertical plane of the door.

Go to the frame and door handle of his quality grommet Comfortmat Gold G2.

Completes the picture of a 5-mm layer of modern sound absorbers Comfort Lock 5 (Bibiton) from the company SGM. This material is much more effective splenitis as a favorite by many offices.

Noise floor of the trunk and the arches BMW X6.Na the moment when the work on the doors, the hood and the ceiling is finished, we took about 3 hours, and our entire team is focused on the most important part of the work - the bottom of the car.

In order not to interfere with anything, we first completely take out all the trim and carpets and only then proceed to the degreasing.

Our pride - one of the most advanced vibrodempferov Comfortmat Dark Bomb. It's lightweight, but the most effective vybroizolyator modernity, which we use on the floor and arches of any car.

The thickness of the "Dark" is 4 millimeters, and we inflict extremely hot (we all vibration isolation before the arrival of the vehicle is cut on the patterns and heated in a special echke to 50 degrees). It helps us not to waste time for heating each sheet. Yes, and uniformly heat the building hair dryer (which is what most offices) a rigid material will fail.

It looks like the bottom of the vehicle after 1.5 hours of work on the application of vibration isolation.

The turn silencer and its role in favor Comfort Lock 5 (Bibiton), the effectiveness of which we have mentioned above. In our work we follow the principle of "only a maximum" and that is why we offer customers only the maximum noise reduction option, and only the best materials. Unfortunately, most of the competing firms will offer you a 2 mm vibration isolators and splenitis that does not go to any comparison with our modern technology.

It looks like our work on the part of the trunk. It should be noted that it is not only effective but also aesthetically beautiful.

We decide to put an extra layer of felt sound insulation on the floor. Felt is widely used in the factory sound insulation "Germans" and because, under the carpet is still a bit of space, we use it in full.

The trunk lid anti-vibration, and its interior is treated at the factory felt that we are so touted. The Germans know a lot of good sound absorbers.

It begins assembly of interior and our masters, working in clean gloves, the most accurate.

Under the service. Noise fender BMW X6. Processing arches on the outside of our service is optional. This operation can be made on any vehicle in connection with the design features, but BMW X6 - it is possible, and very good. We begin with the removal of the wheel and the fender liner and degrease and clean metal wheel arch.

Treated metal arches fattest 4-mm vibration isolators at a temperature of 50 degrees and carefully rolled down.

Next we put a layer splenitis 4mm., That will reliably reflect the sound wave. This operation is performed sequentially on all 4 arches of the vehicle.

Successfully working with cars since 2007, our large team gained rich experience, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the factory assembly of the cabin, as well as the absence of traces of disassembling the cabin in the form of hooks, stains and a broken caps. Voves this and this you can see for yourself present at soundproofing your car, which is what most of our customers.