BMW X5 (F15)

In soundproofing BMW X5 in body F15 car came to us quite new, almost from the salon in m-pack 450 horses. The owner of all this luxury complained to us that the car is noisy, and the dashboard already appear jingles that Dutko annoying after breaking up with a large sum of money paid for the car. Well, we are used to, the Germans we love, respect, and most importantly - know. the car came to us, of course, not just so, and by appointment. Therefore, we pre-cut the entire vibration isolation and placed her bask in our special oven to 50 degrees an hour before the arrival of the car. And now we arm the new gloves, clean tool and a good mood - today we are going to do a full soundproofing BMW X5 for 1 day.

Noise bonnet BMW X5 F15 always starts with degreasing metal hood. Then the metal is applied vibrodempfer Comfortmat Gold G3 thickness of 3 mm, and on the wrong side of the nominal thermal protection applied shumoteploizolyator splenitis.

Soundproofing a ceiling BMW X5 F15 did not begin with degreasing metal and peeling with regular felt sound insulation and only then happened scrubbing glue factory roof. Established shumoizlyatsiyu we'll save, it is still useful to us.

Processing roof modern light damper Comfortmat Dark D3 will not only strengthen the metal vibration, but also to make it more resistant to mechanical stress from outside.

10 millimeter layer of moisture-resistant acoustic felt is placed on top vibration isolation.

Just returned to the place of the factory and 15 mm felt. He was not hurt, and very strengthen our sandwich.

Noise door BMW X5 F15 is performed in parallel with the work on the sound insulation hood and the ceiling. After degreasing metal door we treat the outer wall of light and modern trehmillimetrovym vibroizoljatorov Comfortmat Dark D3, smoothing the material quality of the metal using special tools.

We then apply a layer of moisture-resistant shumoizolyatora Comfortmat Start Fi4. This material does not have adhesive (glue eventually decomposed by strong moisture vderi) but instead applied to the thinnest tacky mastic material which holds perfectly vertical.

Inside the card door also needs to damping and we produce this work in the same easy and efficient Comfortmat Dark D3. At this stage, it formed a closed volume for regular speakers, enabling it to play an even brighter.

Silencers Comfortmat Lock 5 is the last obstacle to the noise in the cabin through the door.

Noise floor, trunk and interior arches of BMW X5 F15. Work on the sound insulation of the ceiling and the door is already over and we spent a prmierno 3.5 hours time. It remains the most important work, which with proper execution will bring maximum effect.

For this, we carried out of the cabin everything that can prevent us from quality work. Seats, trim panels - all add up to one side.

Apply floor vibration isolation. On the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches it is the shock - a 4.2 mm vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark Bomb.

The material we have already pre-uniformly throughout the thickness of warmed up to 50 degrees in a special oven, which guarantees not only its quality installation, but also quality-rollers on metal. Please note - we do not save material, and try to treat the maximum floor surface, including in the legs Predna passengers, where is the strongest noise from the front wheels.

Vibro trunk floor material is made Comfortmat Gold G3.

After the process begins all vibrodempfirovaniya floor laying silencers. Here floor, treated with modern sound absorber Comfortmat Lock, the efficiency is higher than conventional splenitis (so many favorite office) 2 or more times at different frequencies.

We carefully treat every available part of the interior, and to think ahead - to nothing then not prevented the assembly of high-quality interior.

These are factory sound insulation rolls (similar to Comfortmat Lock) we are in the niches of the rear wings. We return them to the place, as well as adding a layer of moisture-resistant acoustic felt.

Felt thickness of 10 millimeters, and we add in the horizontal section floor. Total floor we sandwich of two different silencers.

The trunk lid anti-vibration, and its lining is processed antiskripom.

Noise dashboard BMW X5 F15. The service we have is optional and is charged separately. The car owner complained that the new car has virtually bred crickets and hear chatter on the bumps. We will fix it. And for that you need to completely dismantle the dashboard. We do this efficiently and competently, because disassemble cars - this is our profile.

Available plots motor shield and all podtorpednoe space is processed and silencers antiskripom Violone. This material is not fireproof siliknovuyu impregnation, which eliminates the creak of the mating parts.

Also, processed and wrong of the torpedo with a complete analysis of it into its component parts. Here, we use the material as much as 8 millimeters thick, which is good effect on absorption zvka engine.

Experience our friendly team since 2007 (more than 1,000 cars per year) ensures our customers factory build quality interior. We guarantee you that do not do hooks on the shell and stains on the upholstery, and the clips are intact. In all this, you can personally Lunch, prisutsvuya when working on your car. We have absolutely nothing to hide, but there is something to show you.

Noise BMW X5 F15 made us the maximum program. In other matters, the other we do not offer. High-quality and modern materials will protect the driver and passengers from all extraneous sounds and modern antiskripy improve the quality feeling of the car. X5 weight by 55 kilograms and was perceived as a much more comfortable and enjoyable car. Some time later, the owner told us that squeaks and crickets were gone, the car is quiet and that is what was required of her. Now it's a real pleasure at the wheel.