BMW X5 (E70)

In soundproofing BMW X5 often complain owners of cars with original "oak" tires RunFlat, or owners of beautiful wheels on low-profile tires. In fact, the BMW X5 and X6 in bodies E70 / 71 in terms of sound insulation is practically no different, and we do these cars is about the same proportion. Our approach to the maximum noise isolation of any car - we do not offer the owner of the trade-offs economy, standard, etc, and sell only the maximum and full soundproofing interior and eliminating squeaks. Newbie X5 came to us from our regular customers who do have is not the first car and remains true to the traditions of our quality. Before the arrival of the car our masters advance cutting all soundproofing material and vibration damping mastic materials placed in our special oven that heats evenly and keeps the temperature vibration isolation at 50 degrees. Work we will (as always) in the presence of the owner of the car, so nothing should distract us from work. All tools clean, new gloves on his hands and we begin full soundproofing X5.

Noise bonnet BMW X5 starts with degreasing metal hood and causing anti-vibration layer Comfortmat Gold G3. Noise splenitis applied to the wrong side

Noise roof BMW X5 starts with careful disassembly of the roof sheathing master of clean gloves. On the ceiling we see a regular sheet of felt, glued directly to the metal. Torn off him and cleans traces of glue.

Apply a light layer of modern vibration isolation Comfortmat Dark D3 metal roof and rolled down special tools over the entire surface.

A layer of acoustic noise absorbing felt finalizing ceiling X5.

Noise door BMW X5. While some masters are engaged in the hood and the ceiling, and the rest take the door. Noise begins to disassemble the door trim and degreasing interior surfaces.

Modern and easy vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3 3 millimeters thick takes its place on the outer sheet of the door and protects it from the overtones caused by the vibration of the body and play regular acoustics.

Waterproof Comfortmat Start Fi on the outer wall of the door from the passenger compartment from the outside sound. This material is good because it contains no adhesives and can be located in a damp environment indefinitely. Instead, the adhesive is applied to the finest mastic vibration isolation, which securely holds the material on the vertical surface of the door.

The door frame is evaluated vibrodempferom Comfortmat Dark D3, as well as the outer sheet of the door.

Shuts down the door silencer Comfortmat Lock (aka Bibiton), which delays the sound wave in their cells, preventing its passage in the interior of the vehicle. Along the way, he tightens the landing door skin, eliminating the appearance of scratches.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches inside saloon BMW X5. At that time, when we have completed with doors, roof and hood, our local time was about 3.5 hours, and the whole team starts the final and most important part of the work - sound insulation of the bottom.

To do this, we carefully dismantle and take out all of the interior that can prevent us from high-quality and efficient operation.

Vibro floor completed. On the floor in the cabin and in the rear wheel arches, we used the most effective modern vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark Bomb, a thickness of 4.2 millimeters. The material we have pre-sliced and warmed up in the oven to a temperature of 50 degrees, so we do not spend time on each sheet and the heating works well in the case.

Notice how high the treated floor at the feet of the rear passengers under the dashboard. The priority of the maximum efficiency. On the floor of the luggage compartment, we used more pliable for relief work, but no less effective Comfortmat Gold G3, thickness of 3 mm.

At the stage of noise insulation layer protects our honor noise absorber Comfortmat Lock (Bibiton) 8 millimeters thick already. The trunk has to work, "five" in favor of high-quality assembly of skins.

We work with a maximum coverage area is not only efficient, but also pleasing to the eye.

It begins assembly of interior and we do it with exceptional skill.

Noise fender BMW X5 outside (additional fee). Soundproof wheel arches outside turns not on any car, but "the Germans," this can be done by almost everyone and moreover, it brings a good result. Take a look at the bare metal wheel arch - a great field for work. Degreased and begin.

Thick (4.2 mm.) And destructive vibration isolation Comfortmat Bomb at a temperature of 50 degrees takes its place on skim metal wheel arch.

As we use a shumoizolyatora splenitis 4mm., Or K-Flex 6m. Preference is given to the second embodiment, but only if there is space for it in thickness. Next liner going in reverse order using new original clips to the wing extender.

Daily operating in the market for sound insulation since 2008 and improving comfort on a daily basis in several vehicles on a daily basis, we not only have earned a good reputation, but also a wealth of experience, which allows us to guarantee to you the proper build quality salon in accordance with factory standards. We guarantee that gather beauty with no trace of intervention, such as hooks, cuts, broken skin or caps.

Noise BMW X5 has become such what befits the car to be at this level and class. Now hum of tires and suspension work have gone by the wayside, and the car is perceived as even more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. In all this the merit of silence that reigns in the car, as well as the absence of squeaks and chatter. The vehicle weight by 55 kilograms of high quality materials that we select a special thrill for the sake of maximum effectiveness in the fight against extraneous noise, especially noise rubber. Modern vibration isolation Comfortmat premium line operates at all temperatures thanks to modern composition of mastic, which means that the driver and his passengers zaschischscheny noise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.