BMW 7 series (F01/F02)

Noise BMW 7 Series (F01) along with other premium car segment (such as the Mercedes S-klasse, or Audi A8) to the many motorists subconsciously considered to be a reference. High comfort in the cabin and contributes to the thickness of the metal, and well-designed silent blocks Suspension and double glazing, and many more factors. But even these lawmakers automotive fashion can be noisy for the most demanding owners and, horror of horrors, to be "squeaky". The owner of the BMW 7 Series came to us with complaints about noise from the wheels (tires high rigidity RunFlat R20), as well as the unbearable squeaks dashboard. What, then, we are not in the first seven soundproof luxury BMW and we are starting to work. Note that even 1 hour before the arrival of the car on his record (and come to us only by appointment), we cut and prepared a whole set of sound insulation according to our patterns and placed his warm up in our special oven. While the master disassemble the car, vibration control lists (and they have the most powerful) are evenly throughout the thickness warmed to a temperature of 50 degrees. And, of course, do not forget about gloves and clean tooling that no speck not upset the owner. By the way, the owner. Throughout the work during the day the owner of the car will be present during the work and observe all the details of our work. We offer a stay perfectly all owners, fetches us their cars, after all, we have a cozy seating area in the vicinity of the vehicle, and noise insulation work we do during the day.

Noise bonnet of the BMW 7 Series is performed degreasing work surfaces. Hood gets vibrodempfer Comfort mat Gold G3 thickness of 3 mm, and the wrong side of regular skin treated shumoteploizolyatorom.

Noise door BMW 7 Series is made by experienced craftsmen, who clearly knows by heart the steps to dismantle the door skins (and this model BMW have been a guest quite often). After removing the plating we dry and degreased available metal and depositing a first layer of the grommet. This is an easy mastic Comfort mat Dark D3, which we duly rolled down to the metal. We have everything you need special tools for high-quality stitching material even in the most remote places.

Next we have the doors of a layer of 6-millimeter sound insulator Comfort mat Start Fi, which is free assembly adhesive. Instead of the adhesive layer is a thin layer of mastic, which is not only not afraid of moisture, but also serves as an additional anticorrosive.

The door frame on which is mounted hoist glass also needs a damping and we do it the easiest Comfort mat Dark D3.

Sound absorber Comfort mat Lock further comprises aircraft noise, walking in the door trim.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches of the BMW 7 Series starts only after work on the hood, doors and ceiling are completed. We understand completely and make beauty of it all that can stop us. It seats, trim and carpets. And, of course, degrease the bottom with a special compound. By the way, the staff carpet Seven BMW is very tight, which is good contributes to the delay of the sound waves.

Gender interior and wheel arches, we process most powerful hot vibrodempferom Comfort mat Ultra Loker. The thickness of this material is greater than 5 millimeters, and efficiency (mechanical loss factor) comes close to 0.7 units. This is the highest figure Sit materials of this class.

Arch flagship vibrodempfer obtained from both the trunk and the part of the rear wing, which also did not go unheeded.

Thick sound absorber Comfort mat Lock thickness of 4 mm and 8 covers the bottom of the car and we are trying to do it with maximum area coverage.

In the trunk amplifiers and a lot of edges that prevent us from working, but we're not giving up.

Established a felt soundproofing rear arches and wings we return to the place before assembly.

It looks like Sound-insulated trunk before assembly.

Extras. service. Noise instrument panel of the BMW 7 Series. From the owner of the car we received complaints on the creaking dash that is so annoying in the cabin of the road (and not only) of the vehicle. We are ready to perform a complete soundproofing dashboard. This service will save you not only from squeaking dashboard, but will also further reduce the noise from the engine. This work we carry the highest kvaliyikatsii masters who are behind the maximum experience to our team.

After removing the instrument panel we process podtorpednoe space effectively viscoelastic noise absorbing antiskripom Ultra Soft 10.

Torpedo disassembled into its component parts, which are for reassembly individually processed antiskripom, as does the skeleton of the instrument panel.

Starting assembly salon Seven BMW and we do it well knowing the sequence of assembly.

After assembling the cabin we need to make it a rub, and also check the operation of all components and assemblies. We have a large staff of professionals who are working with us since the opening in 2007. The experience of our team is that we can safely guarantee you a factory build quality of your "German", no broken parts and caps, as well as the purity of the work performed. In all of this you can see for yourself, prisutsvuya when working on your car. We have nothing to hide and we are outdoor swimming say that none of the clips in your car will not be affected.

Noise BMW 7 Series in body F01 / F01 / F04 continued in the walls of our special center about 11 hours. The machine is not easy, but our masters can do wonders even with such cars. We put in the car 50 kilograms highest quality and most relevant materials, as well as processed all the problem areas antiskripnym viscoelastic material. Our work will make the car even quieter and more comfortable to collect. This is our favorite work.