BMW 5 series (F10)

Noise BMW 5er F10 in the body is not only a benchmark in car-classmates, but also many models, a class above. The owner of the car found that there is no limit to perfection, and has commissioned us to rework the German premium. We do not get used, because such avtoombili as the BMW X5 and X6 is easy to give up our professionals in terms of improving acoustic comfort. In our special center all the work carried out in the presence of the customer, this is our main distinguishing feature. Also, we offer only the highest version of the sound insulation without compromise and we believe that if you are going to do it, then you should do it right and good quality. All our noise insulating materials on the patterns of pre-cut and heated in a special oven to 50 degrees for 1 hour prior to the arrival of the car, and we meet a brand new "five" fully prepared: with a clean tool and clean gloves. So there you go.

Noise bonnet BMW 5er starts with degreasing metal hood under the standard upholstery. We put on the metal, and roll out a modern isolator Comfortmat Gold G3 line of premium SGM plant and a full-time thermal protection layer is applied to the inside noise-thermally splenitis.

Soundproofing a ceiling BMW 5er factory greatly developed. On the ceiling we see a layer of felt factory, glued directly to the metal. All anything, but here you need to add vibration isolation. Therefore, remove the felt from the roof and clear glue.

We treat the ceiling vibrodempferom Comfortmat Gold G3, carefully smoothing it over the entire area.

Then we process the acoustic felt roof thickness of 10 mm., Very similar to the factory over the entire area of the roof.

Noise door BMW 5er. While some masters are engaged in roof and hood, while others take on the doors "five" and carefully dismantle the door trim panel for access.

The first layer of vibration isolation Comfortmat Gold G3 takes its place in the pre-defatted outer door wall and carefully rolled up special tools to achieve maximum adhesion.

Then we use waterproof shumoizolyator to reflect ambient noise.

The door frame is also in need of treatment and we close it with a layer Comfortmat Gold G2, covering all technological holes, thereby creating a standard for acoustics perfect environment for better sound. It will be very useful for the preparation of acoustic doors, as the nominal base audio system in the "five" is played, to put it mildly, with complaints.

Modern sound absorber Comfortmat Lock 5 (Bibiton) takes its place under the door trim. In this work with doors avtomobiyal over.

Noise floor of the trunk and wheel arch BMW 5er. At a time when the insulation of doors, the hood and the ceiling is over, our local took about 4 hours and our team will proceed to the main and final part of the work. We bring everything from the cabin that can prevent. Most studios installation even lazy (or afraid?) To disassemble the central console. Believe me, this approach does not normally make the soundproofing floor.

The owner has to have time to "conjure" with the acoustics in your car, so we see a number of non-standard cables, which in other matters, we do not interfere.

After about 1 hour of time, our team has finished floor vibration isolation. In this paper we use the already heated in a special oven materials and do not waste time and fighting spirit for heating each sheet. Moreover, our material is warmed uniformly throughout the thickness.

On the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches, we use the most expensive, thick and effective vibration isolator Comfortmat Dark Bomb line of premium factory SGM. This material has a thickness of 4 mm and a successful analog STP Bimast Bomb.

The rear arches are also handled "Bom Bom, and the luggage compartment floor and the niche under the rear seat slightly thinner material, since we are not only difficult terrain, but also a small amount of free space in thickness.

The time has come, and noise insulation layer we use Comfortmat Lock 5 (Bibiton) unlike most installation services using a cheap and outdated splenitis. Bibiton about 2.5 times more effective than splenitis and an excellent sound absorber.

The trunk also handled various areas Bibigon.

Metal lid anti-vibration, and its cladding layer is processed antiskripa absorber.

It begins assembling the vehicle interior, and our masters do it as carefully and competently, because of experience working with giant avtoombilyami brand BMW.

Noise fender BMW 5er with male side is an additional service and paid for separately in our special center. After dismantling and metal degreasing each arch we produce processing metal arches premium material Dark Bomb, which we used for soundproofing floor and arches inside the cabin. Laying of the material we produce only at a temperature of 50 degrees, which ensures maximum adhesion and after cooling efficiency.

We then apply a layer of moisture resistant sound insulator ShumFleks laid on vibration isolation arch.

After all the work we required rubbing salon. Our craftsmen have extensive experience with all brands of cars, because since 2007 we have made a few thousand sound insulation and know what and how to disassemble. Because of this, we confidently assure you that will not leave behind traces of intervention in the vehicle, such as patches, hooks, cuts or broken caps. In all of this you can see for yourself attending his acoustic avtoombilya for 8 hours in our comfort zone to customers in the vicinity of your car.