BMW 4 series (F32)

Noise BMW 4er (F32). In essence this is the same "three rubles" in the back of F30, with only two doors, a little shorter and a little more difficult to disassemble. BMW cars third series we rustle of several hundred, so we know a lot about the proper selection of materials so that the assembly of the cabin has been at the highest level. Owners of "fours", in other matters, as well as vladeltsea "treshek" concerned about noise and hum of the wheel arches. Of course, then we could have done sound insulation in the bottom of the cabin, as well as wheel arches outside of the car, but the owner of the car asked us to do the maximum possible. And we, in general, that, and the other does not offer. If we take the job, then only maksmumu, even offering customers the option of "Economy", "Standard" and others.

We have everything ready for the arrival of the car - the entire anti-vibration material is already cut to the patterns and languishing in a special oven at a temperature of 50 degrees, and master with clean tools and clean gloves awaiting the arrival of the car on the record.

Noise bonnet BMW 4er (F32) starts with the degreasing of metal between the inner edges, which subsequently processed by an efficient and easy vibrodempferom Gold G3 from Comfortmat.

Noise roof BMW 4er (F32) as built consists of a thick sheet of felt glued directly to the metal roof. We dare to refine this technology BMW, but first take off the felt and degrease metal roof.

Now we have struck a powerful vibrodempfer Comfortmat Dark D3, which has not only spectacular performance vibration absorption, but also modern lightweight due sostavka polymer-bitumen mastic. At this stage, the roof becomes deaf ears to protect passengers from dings and sound wave propagation along the upper part of the body.

Finish the noise insulation of the roof with a thick (10 mm.) Acoustic noise absorbing layer of felt, which will delay the high-frequency sounds great, "walk" under the skin of the roof ..

Noise door BMW 4er (F32) necessarily begins with a neat and professional disassembly door. While some masters work with the ceiling and the hood of the car, the others take over the door. After dismantling casings we will otmoem and degrease metal doors, as it often is in contact with the moisture of the environment.

Easy and effective vibrodempfer Dark D3 takes its place on the outer metal door. This is a very good support for the thin metal.

Waterproof and glueless Comfortmat Start Fi4 fighting for the reflected sound from the environment and creates "kapuslnost" car body. This shumoizolyator made on the basis of mastic and is not afraid of moisture. This is important, because there is water after each rain / snow / car wash.

The internal volume of the door is separated vibrodempferom Dark D3, the same as that we used on the outer side of the door.

Post-processing doors noise absorber layer Comfortmat Lock (Bibiton), which, being located under the skin, would delay the walking sounds inside the cavity door.

Noise floor of the trunk and wheel arch BMW 4er (F32). By the time work on the hood, roof and doors are over, our local took about 3 hours and the whole team starts to the most important stage of work - acoustic underbody. To do this, we make all of the cabin, which can prevent us in: seats, carpets and paneling add up neatly on a table.

A total metal surface degreased and purify.

We are committed to only the highest possible sound insulation of the car, so do not offer the customer the budget and standard options. We have only the best. that is why on the floor and wheel arches, we laid one of the most modern and efficient vibration isolators Comfortmat Dark Bomb thickness of 4.5 millimeters.

Bombs we put on the floor in the cabin sections and wheel arches hot at 50 degrees. All the material we advance uniformly throughout the thickness of the heated in a special oven. We do not use hair dryers building, because they can be warm only the surface layer of the material.

Trunk in any modern BMW has a complex shape, but that does not prevent us from treating it qualitatively with complete coverage of the area. Hind wings just need the most attention.

When it is the turn of stacking noise insulation layer, we use Comfortmat Lock (aka Bibiton) with moisture-resistant adhesive which has proven to be a good silencer. Using splenitis in (as does a plurality of mounting studios) are no longer justified, since splenitis inferior in terms of modern materials repeatedly.

Bibiton we try to glue the most high ceilings without cracks. This will give us an additional prize.

Since the BMW F32 body has only two doors, the rear niche, passing into the rear fenders are pretty impressive size and to manage to put a good layer of material. We have to, of course, use the full. Pay attention to the thickness of regular felt in the wing, we also reserve for greater reliability and efficiency.

It is a standard insulation rear arches on the felt basis. we set it in place on top of our "cake."

The trunk lid anti-vibration damper Comfortmat Gold G3, and its lining and silencers Violone antiskripom toschinoy 10 mm.

Assembling the interior is in full swing and our masters do it with maximum competence. None of the piston is hidden from our eyes.

Additional insulation arches BMW 4er outside is not included in the set of works on the cabin and must be paid separately if desired. We can only say one thing on such cars as the BMW is a very effective measure, because after the removal of the staff of the fender liner, we have a large area available bare metal arches. And the more we will process more interesting to get our result. So degreasing.

And inflict the most powerful and effective Comfortmat Dark Bomb at a temperature of 50 degrees, carefully rolling a special material on the metal rollers.

As the use of sound insulation waterproof K-Flex or splenitis in place so that nothing prevented subsequently assembling the fender liner.

Operating since 2007, every day we improve our skills and moving forward. Technology proper disassembly and assembly of interior of the BMW has long been firmly settled in the cortex of our brain and we are proud to guarantee you a factory build quality of the car as well as the absence of evidence of tampering, such as broken eyelets, hooks or patches.