BMW 3 series F30

Noise BMW 3-series F30. Cars "big German three" always been known for its quality and is to this day trendsetters not only in design but also in electronics. Man, being a consumer of modern goods is insatiable creature, which is why we want even more from the car. The owner of this BMW treshki asked to make the car even more cozy and comfortable. Our team was ready to advance to the arrival of the car on the record and all the soundproofing material in advance, we cut on the patterns and warmed up in our special oven to a temperature of 50 degrees. This will save us a lot of time on each sheet of heat during operation. The owner of the vehicle will (we always insist on it) present with us and to observe the work of our professionals with their own eyes. Working in your presence at our children a unique opportunity to show you the real skill and competence in working with cars BMW. Making noise isolation with his hands or trust the professionals? - you decide. In the meantime, let's see what it represents in the back treshka BMW F30 in terms of sound insulation!

Noise bonnet of the BMW 3 Series. After removing the hood lining and degreasing material we process the metal hood vibration isolation SGM M2, and a full-time inside the insulation layer is applied to the heat-noise insulation splenitis so that after assembly it was sandwiched between standard wheel and hood.

Sound insulation of the roof of the BMW 3 Series. We have always said that staffing shumoizoyaltsiya German car a cut above the modern Japanese and Koreans. And "treshka" another proof - on the ceiling, we have a thick felt silencer, however adhered directly to the metal.

We say goodbye to the staff and we felt launder glue residue on the roof.

We treat the ceiling vibrodempferom SGM M2, quality prikatyvaya it to skim the surface of the metal. Vibro gives great benefit to such a large and fine metal surfaces.

Our response to the German felt - felt silencer 10 mm., Which we put after vibration isolation of the roof.

Soundproofing Doors BMW 3 Series. Our craftsmen are highly skilled at working with the German car, so dismantling the door skins carried us very carefully and with a guarantee that none of the piston will not be affected. After dismantling the doors we get access to the interior, which first degreased and dry.

Vibration isolation SGM M3 takes its place on the outer door leaf. Now the metal is not only "deaf", but is more resistant to shock and slight dents, the car was waiting at every turn.

Next, we use cool stuff based on the splenitis covered with foil. The trick of it is that the material has no adhesive (as it is known, the adhesive decomposes at high humidity prevailing in the door during wet weather). Instead, the adhesive material has a factory sealant layer finest anti-vibration through which the material is held perfectly vertical planes of the body.

Door frame also needs to vibration isolation and we do this material SGM M2 c gold lettering.

The final layer in the door "treshki" consists of modern sound absorbers Bibitona that does its function in approximately 2-fold better than splenitis.

The work of our artists as much as possible so smoothly that no one interfere with each other. While one person zanmaetsya roof, the other noise-proof doors, and the free masters prepare for dismantling the boot and floor. At the same time we can produce noise isolation of several cars - and all these owners can watch in our cozy atmosphere.

Noise floor, trunk and wheel arches of the BMW 3 Series. Although thick metal, which show off German automobiles premium segment, they still have sound absorbing material on the floor. All this we will fix it. But first - a neat interior demolition and surface preparation.

BMW roof rack rather complicated forms of mass amplifiers hindering work.

After about 1 hour, our masters have made the bottom of the vibration isolation of the BMW 3 Series. We would like to emphasize that on the floor of the cabin and the wheel arches in the boot, we use one of the most expensive, thick and effective materials SGM BMF (analogue STP Bimast Bomb), which we have laid on the floor hot. To our masters are not distracted and not to waste fighting spirit during we have a special oven in which all vibration isolation in advance evenly warmed up to 50 degrees an hour before the arrival of the car. When heating each sheet hairdryer (as most offices) we do not achieve uniform heating of the material thickness. Our technology not only ekoknomit time masters, but also complies with all the rules with a thick vibration isolation.

The thickness of the vibration isolation "Bombs" on the floor in the cabin and the wheel arches is an impressive 4 mm. On the floor of the luggage compartment under the rear seat and used materials SGM M2.

We not only process the rear arches and the luggage compartment floor, but also the surface of the rear wings and cavities arches.

The function performs a silencer Bibiton that we make extensive use of sound insulation in cars (unlike most offices, cheap splenitis message is used).

Vibration isolation and is also subject to the trunk lid, and its trim - anti-noise.

Here is the nominal insulation wheel arches, which is desirable to preserve what we do, returning it to the place after the processing of the arches.

Starting assembly and interior of the car before putting the client is no more than 1 hour.

Thanks to extensive experience of our masters with cars of different brands since 2007, we guarantee you a factory build quality interior as well as the lack of hooks, stains and broken caps after our work. Working in your presence, we will show you the best of its ability of our children to work on soundproofing your car.

Noise treshki BMW conducted in full compliance with our most stringent quality requirements. This person can make sure every car owner being present at work with his car. We put in the "three-ruble note" of 60 kilograms of high-quality and modern sound insulation, allowing the car to be even better, quieter, more comfortable. We remind you that all the work we are by appointment, and our team will immediately begin work with your car.