Car Window Armoring with Llumar Films

Security is a priority for everyone in today's world, and especially for the motorist. Everybody leave valuables in the car, relying not only on blocking the door locks, but also on the decency of representatives of the human race. However, the second often leads, so additional armor glass is not overkill, but rather the opposite - a necessity. For a person accustomed to seeing the armor on the outside, but in the case of using a special film we are talking about armoring a car inside and out.

What it gives?

  • First of all, it gives additional strength to the glass. Of course, a direct shot from firearms such a measure does not protect, but trying to break the glass, attacker will face a serious problem. The glass did not shatter into the small pieces and will be saved, possibly just cracked. This will stop the robber who encroach on your property.
  • Second, glass armoring film reduces the risk of injuries in accident situations.
  • As an additional advantage - increased soundproofing, which will make your way in the car not only safe, but perfectly quiet. Look at this page for more information about the car soundproofing).

Watch the video:

It takes 4 seconds to break a regular window and steal your purse. Watch.

Window debris stay together and don't harm your child and passengers in side impact. Watch.

Armoring your car headlights

Our specialists provide high quality of armoring car windows, both inside and outside, regardless of the complexity of shapes and angles of bending glass. In addition, we also do the armoring of headlights that protects the glass from the impact of external factors. The films have good transparency, do not preclude the driver's view and does not reduce the effectiveness of headlights at night.

The film protects the glass of the car against mechanical damage of any kind, which significantly prolongs its service life. We are pleased to offer you our services at the best prices. Our specialists work in the shortest possible time and vehicle refinishing applies only film of the highest quality, time-tested. Additional precautions are never superfluous, and even more so when it comes to traffic and motorists involved in it.