About us

Who doesn't enjoy long drives with their loved ones? People often look forward to having the time of their life, they plan to reach various destinations and prefer driving their so as to enjoy both the company and the view. However, the biggest hurdle in enjoying these drives is the noise on the road. If you commute long distances for work or pleasure, you look for peace in the trip. This peace is hugely affected by the noise outside. Be it an important phone call that you need to take or an important conversation with someone, noises interrupt and disrupt one's mood greatly.

Stuff We Do

We at Todayter aim to minimize and control this noise as much as possible. We specialize in three main car concerns; sound proofing, noise proofing and armoring. We ensure that the noise outside is nullified so that you can enjoy your drive without all the honking and screaming. If you have some personal security concerns then you can contact us and we will provide you the best solutions.

Our auto shop has experienced personnel who can work with all kinds of vehicles and can cater to all your queries. Our work is seamless and won't leave any scratch or mark on your car. When proofing one's car for sound, we strip down the car's interior panels, seats, etc. Noise deadening materials such as Dynamat or Second Skin is placed inside those panels. Your car has no scratches after this process and there is no physical change even. The only change that you feel is that the road is quieter and peaceful for you to commute.

We use high quality materials and place these skillfully in your car. Our aim is to change your road trips, making them sound and noise proof, so that you can enjoy your journey to the maximum.